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We renovated both of the bathrooms in the Wingnut when we bought the house. They were basically gutted, and we had to redo the flooring and everything. We did hire a plumber to do the pipes because of the need for expediency.

We’ve been noticing that the floor in the downstairs bathroom has been looking like it has water damage, but there has never been water on top of it. We reckoned it was coming from below. Well, now it has apparently gotten to the point where we are going to have to confront the problem. I went into the bathroom two days ago, and when I stepped on the floor, water squelched up from the floor boards. No bueno.

Hopefully the problem is basically that the wax seal on the toilet is not sealed properly. That seems the likely culprit. Either way, looks like we get to tear up the floors again and re-do.

This time, if we get the leak fixed, I’m going to tile the downstairs bathroom with the tile leftover from the upstairs bathroom.

These are some of the projects we want to do in the near future at the Wingnut. If you want to help out with any of them, please let us know.

Chimney fix – We need a new liner for the chimney so we can use it next winter for heat
Wood stove- We need this to go with the Chimney!
Insulation- for the attic and in the crawl space
New back porch- We want to rebuild the back porch- see other posts. This is gonna take a lot of lumber!
Permit for porch roof- We want to tear dow the old porch and rebuild it one floor higher
Solar panels- These could really help in terms of long term stability and sustainability and we have really good sunlight to place solar panels in (more…)

This is the letter we delivered to all of our neighbors, since it is too snowy right now to do proper in person introductions

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Hey Yall

We are your new neighbors, at 2005 Barton Avenue aka The Wingnut. We bought the house in July, and have spent the past months getting the house fixed up so it is no longer condemned. Usually we are better about getting to know the neighbors, but between the huge amount of work we have been doing and now the cold, we have not been able to get to know everyone. We hope to remedy this soon, but in the meantime wanted to tell you a little about ourselves and get you some contact information.