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These are some of the projects we want to do in the near future at the Wingnut. If you want to help out with any of them, please let us know.

Chimney fix – We need a new liner for the chimney so we can use it next winter for heat
Wood stove- We need this to go with the Chimney!
Insulation- for the attic and in the crawl space
New back porch- We want to rebuild the back porch- see other posts. This is gonna take a lot of lumber!
Permit for porch roof- We want to tear dow the old porch and rebuild it one floor higher
Solar panels- These could really help in terms of long term stability and sustainability and we have really good sunlight to place solar panels in (more…)

This June we are hopefully going to be tearing down our old back porch, and rebuilding it harder better faster stronger.

The current structure has a lot of rotten and weak wood. It also has lead paint etc. It is in pretty poor condition. So our plan is to tear it down, and rebuild. We want the new structure to be custom and have a lot of features that we will find super useful.

For instance:

We want it to be a little wider. This will make it able to easily accomadate a second stairway on the second floor and still be useful.