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Richmond Copwatch will be out tomorrow night (Friday 11/4) to observe and record the police during November’s First Friday. We will be meeting at 6:00pm at the fountain in Monroe Park. All are welcome to come out, regardless of experience!

Some things to bring include:

  • Video cameras (We have some extra video cameras)
  • Still cameras
  • Cell phones
  • Flashlights
  • Water
  • Some snacks
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Weather appropriate clothing (There is a 37 degree low tomorrow night!)

We will be doing patrols of the First Friday Art Walk with a focus on recording police interactions with people. This is meant to curb the level of violence in the RPD’s crowd control tactics during this event, and to ensure there is a record of evidence when police brutality and violence occurs.

Depending on the number of Copwatchers who show up, we will likely split into two or more working groups and begin patrols shortly after 6:00pm. For those who are new to Copwatch, we will briefly go over the basics of Knowing Your Rights and how to safely observe and record the police.

Come out for as much or as little of First Friday as you are able. If you cannot find us, the point of contact for November’s First Friday Copwatch patrol will be (540) 850-3848.

Fair warning: Copwatchers expose themselves to a certain level of legal risk and police harrassment. If, like us, you refuse to be intimidated by these thuggish oppression tactics, come and join us!

You can get in touch with Richmond Copwatch at or (804) 303-5449, or come to the Copwatch meeting on November 22nd at 7:00pm, at 2005 Barton Avenue.

Come on by the Wingnut this Friday at 9pm to watch the Copwatch movie These Streets are Watching in our outdoor theater.This movie is only about 50 minutes long and shows how Copwatch groups in 3 different areas operate and are responded to. The movie is a good introduction to Copwatch for folks who have never done it before.

This is a sober, all ages event. Feel free to bring snacks to share.