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So Far the Wingnut Garden has 8 raised beds in the front yard. We also have a variety of herbs planted in pots too. We have a bunch of jalopeno plants in our flower bed (hehehe). Across the street we have planted about 50 pounds of potatoes! Anyone who wants to help plant more stuff, get more dirt, gather water, make rain barrels, pick weeds out, etc. is more than welcome to come help out! Especially house guests! We also want to build more planters and maybe some along railings, and build things for peas and beans and tomatoes to climb on. And figure out good containers for growing upside down tomatoes!!!!

More pictures after the cut… (more…)

Yesterday we finally planted a bunch of seeds in the Garden at the Wingnut.


We built 8 4′ x 4′ boxes to make raised beds in the front yard. Then we planted everything – carrots, kale, collards, turnip greens, squash, zuchinni, tomatoes, cucumber, basil, lemon balm, cotton!!!, spinach etc.

Kayla Dean, Eric, Jeremy, and Mo planted the seeds. While we were out there, 2 kids from the neighborhood stopped by and wanted to help. So Larry and Dayshawn helped plant lemon balm, sunflower seeds, and tomatoes. Larry wanted some seeds to take home, so we set him up with a egg carton of dirt and some tomato seeds to plant.

We still have potatoes and corn to plant.

We also are growing a ton of herbs and peppers- jalopenos, mint, etc.

If you need to get your garden on, come by and help out!