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The Pie and Blind Date Auction for the Anarchist Black Cross was a hilarious success last night.People got pied, people fought over pies in bidding wars, people danced silly to the fuck the police soundtrack. It appeared that a good time was had all around.

There was berry pie, french silk pie, punpkin pie, mud pies, shepherd's pie, german chocolate pie, and on and on and on. A good mix of vegan and non-vegan.


























We raised 404.25 for the Anarchist Black Cross. Thanks a bunch to everyone who baked pies, everyone who bought pies, Sprout for hosting, the folks who came from out of town for the event, and all involved for making it such a good time. If you missed out this time, you can always donate to the Anarchist Black Cross at any time, and definitely come to next year’s April Fools Day Pie and Blind Date Auction (yea, we’re going annual with this).

Hope everyone enjoys eating those pies and going on cute dates!

December’s Anarchist Black Cross Meeting will be on Tuesday the 14th of December at 7pm at the Wingnut.

We will be talking about what people would like to see the Anarchist Black Cross in Richmond involved in. In particular, we want to talk about doing monthy demonstrations outside of the Richmond City Jail to let the inmates know that they are not forgotten. If you have ideas for how you think political prisoner support or prison abolition should be approached in Richmond please come and share your ideas!

We will also be writing letters to queer and trans prisoners in Virginia! (more…)

Four of us made a trip to Philadelphia on Tuesday for Mumia Abu Jamal’s hearing.

If you are not familiar with the case, Mumia is  a former Black Panther, general social justice advocate, and journalist known the world over.  He was framed in the early 80’s for shooting and killing a police officer. Even though there is astounding evidence that Mumia did not commit this crime, he remains incarcerated and waiting on death row. Mumia has gone  through two trials in the last 30 years, but both have proven to be unfair. Many believe this is an instance of racism and a case of higher government trying to silence the voice of a prominent activist.

So we arrived in Philly, and were some of the first few people to show up at the courthouse. It was close to 11 and already the streets were lined with all types of police vehicles awaiting the mass of angry protesters. Pretty soon things picked up and people stood in a line to enter the courthouse for the trial. None of us were particularly interested in actually viewing the trial, because we would rather give that opportunity to direct friends and family of Mumia. Also, being forced to be silent and crammed into a small room surrounded by cops makes us uneasy.


Our  friend stephen ❤

We happily stood outside with about 200 others and screamed to all of Philadelphia to set Mumia Abu Jamal free. There were many speakers, a couple of whom I was especially excited for were two men I recognized as original Black Panther Party leaders. They were surrounded and protected by a newer, younger, local Black Panther group. It was heartening seeing so many people from different places and all of them screaming continuously for three hours.

There is nothing like screaming “Fuck the police!” with a large diverse group of people. (more…)

We just screened Justice on Trial, a film documenting the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal and detailing the many injustices which have led to his wrongful incarceration and death sentence. His next court date is this Tuesday, November 9th.

In lieu of an Anarchist Black Cross Meeting next Tuesday the 9th, the Wingnut Anarchist Collective will be organizing to travel to Philadelphia to support the campaign to free Mumia Abu-Jamal. Anyone interested in riding with us (we might have some room and can always use gas money) or caravaning to Philly eaaarrrrllly Tuesday morning with us should contact us! 804 303 5449 or

EAST COAST — PHILADELPHIA: Demonstrate to Free Mumia Now! Come to the Third Circuit Court, 6th and Market, Philadelphia, at 12 Noon on Tuesday November 9th. (The hearing starts at 2 PM.)

Keep up to date on Mumia’s case at

Free Mumia! End the Racist Death Penalty! Support all Political Prisoners!

In case you are unable to make it to tonight’s Anarchist Black Cross letter writing event at the Wingnut, here is a little information on the people we will be writing to as well as their addresses so you can write them on your own. This month’s focus is on black liberation prisoners. It seems fitting given the number of significant dates and memorials around the issue of race in the month of October (Gabriel’s rebellion, Harper’s Ferry, Columbus Day – ick, etc).

Information and tips for writing political prisoners can be found here:

One group of people we are writing to tonight are prisoners from the MOVE organization.

This is a link to a little more information about what happened to some of the other members of the MOVE organization:

Write to the MOVE 9! (more…)