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Dominion Resources Inc. is in the preliminary stages of planning to build a 2-4 billion dollar (conflicting numbers on this out there) natural gas pipeline from West Virginia, into and through 5 counties in Virginia, and down into southern North Carolina. They call it Dominion Southeast Reliability Project which is apparently fancy talk for gonna wreck your land whether you like it or not. Much of the territory being threatened lies in rural areas, where folks may feel less capacity to push back. But they are not alone, and we have gotten word that they are more angry than scared. Dominion Resources is a sister company to Dominion Power, who holds a monopoly on electricity in Virginia, and has headquarters located in Richmond. There is plenty of opportunity to push back against this plan, in solidarity with folks in the counties and in defense of the earth.

Highland County is one of the least populated counties in the state, and the Board of Supervisors there was presented with initial information in late May. The local paper there, the Recorder reports, “The board also received a map, plus a draft letter to property owners who could be affected, explaining the surveying that would take place on their land.

It explains to a landowner, “Typically, the first step in a new project is to conduct surveys and environmental studies along a potential route corridor. Your property has been identified as being in this corridor and that is why we are notifying you so that we can begin keeping you informed throughout this process and because surveys will be conducted on your property. Conducting these surveys and environmental studies is required as part of the permitting process for a project of this nature. The Commonwealth of Virginia encourages new projects such as the Southeast Reliability project to conduct these studies as a way to minimize environmental and land use impacts. Dominion plans to begin the surveys and studies on or about July 1, 2015.”

Further, it tells a landowner, “Please be aware that our surveying the route does not mean you are agreeing to access for construction of the pipeline. For that purpose, we will seek a separate easement agreement from all affected property owners prior to construction once a final route is selected at the end of this process. During the initial phase and any subsequent phases of the Southeast Reliability pipeline project, Dominion and its representatives will remain in contact with you through other mailings, phone and in-person information sessions to keep you informed and to answer any questions you may have.”

It directs landowners to sign the form and return it to Dominion.

It also explains Doyle Land Services Inc. would assist with the project…. County supervisors informed the planning commission of the project last night (Thursday). “The said holy cow, too,” Wagner said. “There might be nothing we can do. It’s going to sock us.””

Sorry about the long quote, but the text of the letter sent to landowners seems important to get verbatim.

Photo fro a Yinke Dene protest against the Enbridge pipeline in  April 2014- article on that issue here:

Photo fro a Yinka Dene protest against the Enbridge pipeline in April 2014- article on that issue here:

The folks of rural Virginia are the ones who will have this dangerous and destructive pipeline in their backyards, and these communities are not even set to benefit from access to resources. Dominion told a Prince Edward official that the county could purchase their own T to tap into the line in the future if they wanted.

The people of Nelson County Virginia are in the preliminary stages of pushing back against the aggressive, destructive plan. In one area, property owners are organizing to follow and film the surveyors who are being sent onto their properties. There are many determined to not let the pipeline onto their land.  Others are also gathering signatures and creating petitions. Apparently Nelson County officials who requested to meet with Dominion have not yet been given the chance.

One resident, Ammon Sammon, says “The pipeline will include a 400ft corridor wiping out everything around it, including my house, and will not be giving anyone any compensation:.

Environmentally, there is a lot at risk. Aside from the clearly destructive expansion of infrastructure serving non-renewable energy sources, the pipeline would run through the Alleghany Highlands, putting the entire area at risk. And anything which produces a greater demand for practices such as fracking is an enemy of the people and the planet.

Local Sierra Clubs have begun to come out against the pipeline plan, including the Shenandoah Group. You can read their letter to the editor which details some of the natural areas at risk, in the Staunton paper the News Leader  here.

Keep your ears to the ground, and make contact with folks you might know living in Highland, Augusta, Nelson, Prince Edward, Cumberland or Buckingham  counties. Make sure folks are aware of what is going on, even those not directly affected may have neighbors who are. They tentatively plan to start construction in 2017 and be done in 2018.

If anyone has news of any resistance or organizing against this pipeline and you would like us to share the news, please be in touch!

No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth!



Here are some photos from today’s Raise Up! press conference, which was held at the McDonald’s at E. Broad and 18th.

The rain and the cold didn’t stop fast food workers, or supporting unions and organizations from showing up to take a stand against wage theft and abuse at work. Fast food workers demand respect, $15 an hour, an end to wage theft and more!

If you are a fast food worker who has experienced Wage Theft in the Richmond area, call 804 495 1439 to report it!  Or check out






Next time hopefully the weather will treat us better and we will see more faces out to support Fast Food Workers! Unionizing in the South is hard, and vitally important. Support Southern workers, support Fast Food Workers! Everyone deserves a Living Wage!

More info:






Come to the February Food Not Bombs meeting!
We are cooking at The Wingnut Anarchist Collective for the month of February, but our organizational meeting will be at Arch house at 2715 Barton Avenue instead – just 7 blocks up the street.

February 23rd at 11am is the meeting.

We will be back at 2005 Barton Avenue by 12:30 for the cooking to begin!

Please come to get in touch with our organizational process and needs, plans for fundraisers, and other ideas!

We’re back down to having 3 folks living at the Wingnut full time; 3 is a good number when it comes to living together happily but it puts a limit on our ability to organize effectively. We can run all of the projects that we’re currently committed to but we can’t grow and do new things without more people actively participating. Also, we have a lot of friends that come over and help out with stuff that we do in a variety of contexts who don’t always get the input or the credit that they deserve for the work that they do.

One of the potential solutions that we’ve discussed for dealing with both of these problems is splitting the political organization off from the residential organization.   The folks living in the house would all be members of the political side, but the political side would also be open to people who either couldn’t or wouldn’t live at the wingnut.  If you’re reading this and are interested in participating, you probably already have a good idea of who we are and what we’re about, but we’re going to put together more information about what this might look like that will be on the facebook and website in a week or so.

We’re gonna have a meeting on Monday January 28th to try to hash out the particulars of what membership would be like, a statement of purpose and so on.   Feel free to get in touch with us with any comments or concerns that you have leading up to the actual meeting.

Richmond has a new resource for folks in the City.

The Richmond Rag is “A free calendar of low cost or free events and collective DIY Spaces”.

It includes also a directory of radical spaces and organizations, as well as a list of places to get free or cheap healthy food (Food Not Bombs and local Farmer’s Markets).

Print copies are now available at the Wingnut for September.

You can access online also, and submit your events or organizations here:

So submit your potlucks, protests, free classes, bike rides, meetings etc.!

Thanks to the folks who put this together, you know who you are!!!

As a collective working towards a free, community based anarchist society, we are constantly seeking to expand our projects and WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Fostering resistance to capitalism and the state can not, and should not, be the effort of a vanguard or elite “in” group.  Creating the better world we are seeking will require us ALL to be brave, fierce, and organized in the face of the behemoth we are facing, and to use our talents and abilities in ways that allow those around us to reclaim the power and liberty that have been stolen from us from the day we were born.

That said, we are seeking solidarity from everyone with a social conscience, who believe that the way our society is currently structured is unjust, inhumane, and unsustainable.  This solidarity can be demonstrated in many ways, from organizing your own community and fostering a culture of resistance with the people on your block, in your neighborhood, and in your city, to providing direct assistance and support to already existing projects.

Here at the Wingnut, we would LOVE to see a decentralized, visible, and effective network of anarchist social centers and projects spring up in neighborhoods all over the city, and if you’re serious, committed, and have a great deal of energy to burn, we HIGHLY encourage you to organize where you are.    If you’re at a point right now where throwing your entire life into your neighborhood isn’t currently a possibility (it’s ok – most people aren’t), here’s a list of some skills and resources that would be INVALUABLE to the things that the Wingnut is currently doing or is planning on doing, and a list of some of our current and proposed future projects.

Current Projects That The Wingnut Anarchist Collective is Involved In (more…)