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keepmonroeparkopenA group of Richmond Elite are trying to privatize Monroe Park, restrict events there, and charge a $35 dollar fee for permitted events.

More info in the article linked below.

Happy May Day to everyone out there!
Remember HayMarket Square in 1886, the people who were killed by the police and the bosses, and the Chicago anarchists who were killed by the state! Workers and anarchist workers have struggled, fought, and died for the cause of justice, and it is in their honor and memory we celebrate.

If you are in Richmond, we hope you can make it to the May Day Rally and parade in Monroe Park. The Rally is at 5. The parade is at 6. So bring your signs/banners/flags/drums/instruments/costumes etc. and come celebrate International Worker’s Day!!

There will also be a potluck at 6:30 or 7 or so (whenever the parade is over), at 6th and Broad Streets, on an empty lot.

None of the May Day events have permits (who needs em), so keep this in mind in terms of deciding your risk level and arrest-ability level. There will certainly be many people at all of these events who are not arrestable, so you won’t be alone.

For folks who need a reminder about the importance of May Day, we recommend the zine Hurrah for Anarchy, which explains how the worker’s holiday originated, and the anarchist roots of the celebration. You can look at it online/download a copy here:

Don’t forget our pagan friends too, for whom May 1st is Beltane, traditional May Day celebration of fertility, renewal, awakening & new beginnings that heralds the arrival of summer.

Saturday February 4th from 3pm til 8pm

The Occupy Richmond Gardening Workgroup and the Wingnut Anarchist Collective are getting ready for some awesome Spring time gardening!

We are getting together in February to plant seeds, which we can grow indoors until March, so we can have awesome, nutritious, delicious gardens in Richmond!

Supplies we need:
Seeds! (For vegetables)
Soil! (Top soil)
Containers for planting seeds in!
More TBA
We might have resources to share as well, more TBA!

If you have questions, donations, concerns etc you can contact Kat at 1 703 859 0393 or Mo at 1 804 300 0023

Come on out if you want to help plant seedlings that we can grow to feed communities around Richmond.
We will also be watching Attack of the Killer Tomatoes at some point during this event (TBA).

The Wingnut is a sober, all ages space. Kids are welcome!

We got word about 45 minutes before the scheduled solidarity demo that Hunter Singleton had gotten out on bail. Happy to hear that 2 of our friends were released, we decided to hold the demonstration anyways, since folks might not hear in time and more than 1400 other people were not released from the Richmond City Jail today.

Around 25 people came out to show support. We had pots and pans and whistles and horns and train whistles and cans and bucket drums and even some real drums. We marched around the perimeter of the jail three times. We stopped along the way, yelling greetings to our friends and everyone on the inside.

We wrapped up singing a song about freedom, and then lighting candles and sitting on the sidewalk.

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight to support Eric and Hunter, as well as to support everyone incarcerated at the Richmond City Jail. Folks who enjoyed the experience or feel like they missed out are welcome to come to future Anarchist Black Cross meetings and events. Our monthly meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm at 2005 Barton Avenue. We also host a monthly letter writing to prisoners event on the last Saturday of every month from 12-3pm in Monroe Park at the corner of Main and Laurel during the Really Really Free Market.

CBS 6 posted a video covering last night’s Occupy Richmond marches as well as the arrests of Eric and Hunter, and the awesome turnout of supporters at court this morning.

Occupy Richmond protestors on the move tonight – NBC12 News, Weather Sports, Traffic, and Programming Guide for Richmond, VA |.

Last night’s coverage of two arrests and an interview with a member of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective.

Our friend Kontra has made a documentary about the occupy Richmond movement and it’s gonna be screened this Wednesday at 7pm in Gallery 5 (200 W. Marshall Street).  Some of the folks who were at the first occupation of Monroe Park (including the lovely Eric and the redoubtable Ozzie) will be on hand to talk about their experiences.  All of Richmond’s coolest kids will be there, and afterwards there’s going to be a march to the (re)occupation of Monroe Park.

Around 15people continued the Occupation of Monroe Park last night, despite the rain and bad weather. They build their own tent structure and hopefully stayed fairly dry over the night.

If you can’t make it to Wisconsin or if you don’t know what to do to stop TRAP, or if you are looking for a place to stay, or if you don’t want to see over 60 trees cut down, or if you are tired of the criminalization of the homeless, or if you are tired of how oppressive the capitalist system is etc. – come Occupy Monroe Park.

Occupy Everything!


We showed up to the park around 4, and pretty much immediately jumped straight into organizing. A bathroom was built, a short list of demands was started, and an initial meeting with all participants concerning pigs and media was had. Crucial info was taken down for the folks who are willing to get arrested, and the banner was raised.

There were between 25 and 30 of us last night… including folks who regularly congregate in the park, a couple folks from IWW, Food Not Bombs, Queer Action, and a surprising number of people who just came over to play music and have a great time. There was only one incident with police, before dark, when we were told to take a tent down… but it’s been all quiet since, with no interaction with the cops (and very little sleep).

Today is going to be bigger and better…. more banners, more people, bigger plans, and a filmographer from Boston who’s going to be here with us for a bit. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day, and at least another night here.

During the early days of the Second World War, the people of France (like much of Europe) lay defenseless under the Nazi jackboot. Their government had failed to protect them. It quickly surrendered, and then actively collaborated with the invaders. Meanwhile the people suffered. They felt alone and powerless. Who could blame them? After all, what can one person do against armies that have crushed whole nations? But then on Armistice Day, the people of Paris gathered in a spontaneous demonstration against the German occupation. Among the crowds they saw their friends, their neighbors and co-workers. Among the crowds the found each other and they found the strength to survive the occupation. They found the will to resist the oppressors and the won their freedom. (more…)