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If you can make it on Friday, go meet people working to make and to keep their communities in Virginia safe from the hazards of nuclear power. More information in person. Solidarity!


Join us at Dominion headquarters (7th and East Cary) at noon this Friday March 9th!

On the anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima and in light of ongoing radioactive tritium leaks at the North Anna Nuclear Plant, people from around Central Virginia will gather at Dominion headquarters (7th and East Cary) to demand safety and sanity at North Anna.

The earthquake on August 23, 2011 caused ground motion that exceeded the North Anna plant’s design by 100%. Despite protest and legal action by local and national groups, North Anna was allowed to restart without any retrofits to make the plant safe in earthquakes. Demands for full core inspection of unit 1 and inspection of underground pipes carrying radioactive tritium were also ignored.

Groundwater tests taken near the plant in February 2012 showed high levels of radioactive tritium, a clear indication that the pipes are in fact leaking.

We will also be demanding an enlargement of the emergency evacuation planning zone around North Anna to include Richmond, Charlottesville and Fredericksburg. During the Fukushima meltdown 150,000 people who lived over 25 miles from the plant had to be evacuated, even though much of the radiation blew out to sea. In the case of a meltdown at North Anna, prevailing winds could carry the radiation over Richmond. The center of Richmond is 40 miles away and downwind from North Anna.

Dominion is gambling with our health, our safety, our land, our water and our communities so their shareholders can profit. We are sick of the nonsense, the lies, the baseless reassurances. Enough is enough!

Questions? Contact us at or 757.955.0507



Croatan Earth First (from North Carolina) has organized a demonstration for next week against the lifting of Virginia’s Uranium mining ban. Please come out to support efforts to STOP nuclear power and environmental pollution and destruction.

Say No To Uranium: Hearing Next Monday

An hour North of Chapel Hill, a Canadian energy company is planning to mine for Uranium for use in Nuclear Energy.  These is an extremely dangerous type of extraction and is a great risk to our water table, the Roanoke River Basin.  The area in which the mining happens feeds into waterways that go to Virginia Beach, Eastern NC, Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh which are all downstream.  This could contaminate our entire bioregion and water supply.  Until recently, uranium mining has only been done in very remote areas.  Mining inside of a community and right next to a waterway is nearly unprecedented.  This would be the first mining project for uranium East of the Mississippi.   Prepare a written statement to make a comment against the lifting of the ban, and contact us asap by e-mail at croatanearthfirst (at) to let us know you’d like to carpool to Richmond next Monday.
More info below:

Video of Virginians Against Uranium

*New Meeting*
Meeting Date: Monday, December 19, 2011 End Date: Monday, December 19, 2011
Meeting Time: 12:30 PM

Location: House Room D, General Assembly Building
Address: 901 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia 23219
The Uranium Mining Subcommittee of The Coal and Energy and Energy  Commission will meet on Monday, December 19, 2011 in House Room D at  1:30 PM. There will be a briefing from the National Academy of Sciences’ study of the health, safety and environmental impact of uranium Mining. Written comments will be accepted and the subcommittee will take  written questions from the public to the study’s authors. (more…)