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Richmond Copwatch is holding its first ever fundraiser next Saturday October 1st.Please come out so we can raise funds to buy new cameras and other necessary equipment.

It will be a Smash-a-que – which means we will be asking for donations for people to take swings at a “Richmond Cop Car Number 187”. We will provide safety goggles and gloves, and a sledgehammer with which to take swings at the cop car. We are asking for a 5 dollar donation per swing, with a larger donation for parts of the car like the windshield.

We will be holding the Smash-A-Que at the corner of West Graham and North Avenue, next door to  the Goal Post and across the street from the North Avenue Market.  We will start at 5pm, and keep going until that car is crushed.

Food will be sold next door at the Goal Post Restaurant during our event. We encourage people to support a local business and buy some food from Ms. Dot.

We will also be projecting the film These Streets Are Watching, which is about Copwatch organizations across the country. We will have a table with literature about Copwatch in Richmond and how to get involved.

After an already busy day, including fence and gate repair and Food Not Bombs, us Wingnuts enjoyed some veggie dogs over our newly finished fire pit. Then we set off to our corner store with shovels, rakes, trashbags, and wildflower seeds. Our street has no trashcans, but a lot of people use it as the path to and from the North Avenue Market. So there is a bunch of trash. We’ve picked it up before, but this time we went to a further spot from our house, right next to the store. We filled 2 giant bags with litter. Then we tilled up the dirt with shovels and planted some wildflower seeds. I hope they grow!

Eric, Johnny Ray, Jeremy and I are pretty danged pooped now. Gonna read and sleep personally, looks like they are gonna stay up with the fire.