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On Monday, May 13th, at 6pm, at City Hall (800 East Broad Street, Richmond VA), there will be a Richmond City Council meeting. The Save Our Schools Committee is encouraging attendance in order to demonstrate scrutiny of the Richmond Public Schools budget, which must be passed by the 15th of May.

There have been some discrepancies regarding the prospect of building a new elementary school, to replace 35 year old Overby-Shepherd Elementary, in the 6th district. By all reports yet disclosed, the school is in good condition, and is younger than many city schools. Unless extenuating circumstances exist, it is unlikely that now is the time to build a new school; last year, the Board was considering the closure of underattended elementary schools, in order to save money.

Citizen participation and involvement is important in any budgetary process, and especially in areas of direct communal impact.

Some folks helping Parents For Life 2012, did some research today. In less than 2 hours, using google, they were able to find evidence to support the case that AV Norrell Elementary is NOT fit to be re-opened.

Please read the articles below, and look out for an upcoming report from them on what can be found with the articles.

At tonight’s School Board Meeting, the School Board had decided in a work group meeting before to continue with their decision to re-open Norrell Elementary next week to host pre-school age children.
From 5-7 around 40 or more protesters came out and held signs in front of the 9th Street Entrance to City Hall. There was also a strong media presence.
When the School Board Meeting finally started around 7:30, around 7 or more people got up to speak against the re-opening of Norrell. Protesters made impassioned cases, bringing up numerous points against the re-opening. The School Board members seemed largely unaffected, and offered no response.
Please stay tuned, because if the School Board goes ahead with this ignorant, dangerous, environmentally and institutionally racist plan, they will continue to face a mounting resistance.
Email or to get involved.
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