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Join the Richmond Anarchist Black Cross for a demonstration outside of the Richmond City Jail on December 31st (New Year’s Eve. Meet at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective (2005 Barton Avenue) at 11pm to head down together, or meet at the jail at 11:30pm.

This demo is Against Prison and the World that Needs It!

Show solidarity with everyone spending their New Year’s in Jail!

Bring noisemakers, chants, and ferocity! Drums, buckets, boomboxes, megaphones, and sparklers all encouraged.

The Richmond City Jail is located at 1701 Fairfield Way. There is not very much public parking in the area, we recommend folks driving park in a nearby neighborhood and walk on over, or drop off folks at the jail and then park elsewhere.

Bring the Noise!!!! or 804 303 5449 for more information!

New Year’s Eve Noise Demos outside of jails and prisons are an international anarchist tradition.

We got word about 45 minutes before the scheduled solidarity demo that Hunter Singleton had gotten out on bail. Happy to hear that 2 of our friends were released, we decided to hold the demonstration anyways, since folks might not hear in time and more than 1400 other people were not released from the Richmond City Jail today.

Around 25 people came out to show support. We had pots and pans and whistles and horns and train whistles and cans and bucket drums and even some real drums. We marched around the perimeter of the jail three times. We stopped along the way, yelling greetings to our friends and everyone on the inside.

We wrapped up singing a song about freedom, and then lighting candles and sitting on the sidewalk.

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight to support Eric and Hunter, as well as to support everyone incarcerated at the Richmond City Jail. Folks who enjoyed the experience or feel like they missed out are welcome to come to future Anarchist Black Cross meetings and events. Our monthly meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm at 2005 Barton Avenue. We also host a monthly letter writing to prisoners event on the last Saturday of every month from 12-3pm in Monroe Park at the corner of Main and Laurel during the Really Really Free Market.

Ring in 2011 with the Richmond Anarchist Black Cross during a solidarity noise demo at the Richmond City Jail!

Friday December 31st at 11:30pm at 1600 Oliver Hill Way!

Our intention is to show solidarity with prisoners locked behind those walls, and also as an act of solidarity with people incarcerated and struggling against incarceration throughout the world. This action is an attempt to break the isolation between inside and outside the prison walls.

Bring your voice, whistles, drums, pots and pans, musical instruments, and other noise makers! Count down to a new year of struggle against the prison industrial complex. We want a new year without prisons, without the institutionalized slavery of prisons, and without the racist and classist institutions that proactively oppress and lock up our friends.

Make New Year’s Eve meaningful by letting people incarcerated know that they are not forgotten. Inside the Richmond City Jail are our friends, families, and neighbors. Even if you do not know someone locked up personally, the mere fact of so many members of our communities being incarcerated does have an effect on your life.

The Richmond City Jail is a notoriously overcrowded and unsafe place. Sheriff Woody takes more pride in cutting costs than in the actual care given to inmates. Adequate heating, cooling, water, medical care, and programs are simply not provided. The conditions are dangerous. There have been 4 reported deaths in 2010 alone. (more…)