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Our friend Gary Llama has released a new song about Monroe Park!

We would love to hear about more musical and artistic endeavors supporting social justice work in Richmond!!!

You can listen on bandcamp here: Gary Llama Bandcamp

The lyrics are:

You never went down there before
now it’s all you want to do

clean the grass of poverty,
wipe it’s life from memory

but we see you.
we see you.

You never cared so much before
now it’s all you claim to do

move public land into private hands
turn a public park into your private fantasy

but we see you
we see you

you’ve never held so much before
now it’s all you could manage to do

sell a public land that was once held free
into private hands then sell it back to me

but we see you
we see you

From John Richmond:

On Tuesday March 18, 3pm, the City Council Land Use and Planning Committee will consider an ordinance (paper) to lease Monroe Park to the Monroe Park Conservancy (specifically named) in essentially a no-bid process. If it passes this committee it will go before the full Council on March 24, 6pm, as other events have pointed out. This paper is considered likely to pass unless other councilpersons hear about it.

All of our City Councilpeople need to be contacted on the issue. We need to tell them that while we want Monroe Park fixed up, we want it to remain free, public, and open to the public.

The main problems with the paper are (1) the no-bid process producing a public-private partnership, as Mo Karnage ably pointed out in her post from earlier on March 15 and Scott Burger among others have been educating us about for years, and (2) the idea that the city might put down $3 million of its money to fix the park but allow a private entity to close off Monroe Park figuratively or literally by charging for every event, or making some activities such as food programs, anti-war protests, pro-American flag demonstrations, or poetry readings illegal.

Please invite your friends to help in this effort as well.

See this link to find how to contact your councilperson:

March 18 at 3pm Land Use Meeting where discussion of Monroe Park privatization will happen.

March 24 at 6pm City Council Meeting will decide on Monroe Park privatization.

Both at City Hall.
All out.
Contact your city council members and spread the word hard between now and then.
Get educated, get involved.