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Barton Heights Community Association

October Meeting

Tuesday October 9th at 6:30 pm

at Triumphant Baptist Church (Lamb Ave. and Poe St.)
Entrance around the back parking lot to the basement


Defining our communities geographic boundary

Environmental, Health, and Utility concerns

Planning a Fall Community Festival

Bring your ideas, concerns, interests, etc.

Residents, organizations, business owners etc. encouraged to attend.

Today was the June Mobile Food Pantry- a co-operative venture between the Wingnut Anarchist Collective and the Central Virginia Food Bank. Next month will be our 2 year anniversary of holding these monthly events.

For June we provided food to 133 households representing:
42 seniors
 142 children
182 adults
We also delivered food to 12 households of elderly, differently abled, or busy at work folks in our area.
It was pretty hot out today, which led to a smaller than usual turnout. We will try to provide ice water next month.
The Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry is on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 1pm at the parking lot next to the Goal Post Restaurant at 2400 North Avenue (at the corner of North and W. Graham). We no longer deliver vouchers, and we only guarantee food to people who live in Southern Barton Heights. If you would like to sign up just come out to next month’s event! which will be at 1pm on Saturday July 14th.
Call 804 303 5449 if you have any questions!

Hello All
This morning, around 5:30 am Wingnut Jeremy was on his moped at Overbrook and North- just a few blocks from the Wingnut, stopped at the stoplight. A guy ran at him from the north corner of the intersection. He put a gun (glock 9mm?) in Jeremy’s face and demanded that Jeremy give him the “scooter, cell phone, and money”. The guy was approximately 5’9″, black, wearing a yellow or white shirt and a black hat. He was someone Jeremy recognized from the neighborhood.
The moped is blue and silver. A moped is like a motorcycle but smaller. Jeremy’s is really loud. It also has green and orange stickers on it that say Food Not Bombs. It has a really torn up seat, its a Sparta Stingray. If you see the moped, please come by the Wingnut at 2005 Barton Avenue and let us know or call us at 300 0023 or 303 5449.

Also, Jeremy doe not have his phone right now so he can be reached at the wingnut number, 804 303 5449
Thank You
Mo Karn and Jeremy Hawthorne

If you live on Barton Avenue or  in the surrounding area, just to let you know, The Wingnut Collective will be doing a litter cleanup on Sunday May 23rd from 9am until we are finished. Our focus will be the 2000- 2400 blocks of Barton Avenue. We have 15 orange vests and 15 trash picker uppers that we got from Darlene Mallory with the Clean City Commission.

Please meet us out front of the Wingnut at 9am on Sunday the 23rd. If you have an extra trashbag or two to bring that would be awesome!