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Richmond Food Not Bombs Checklists/ Ideas about what the heck is going on

If you are thinking about coming to Richmond Food Not Bombs it would be awesome if you would take a minute to look at these lists and familiarize yourself with the basic process.

If you don’t have the time to read this before you come, that is ok, because we have copies posted at the Wingnut and copies you can take home!

Having these lists helps us to all be on the same page, without having to consult one person or group of people as being in charge. Because no one is in charge!


-Gather all of the food from various basements/ rooms/ cars/ etc.

-Bring up 2 or 3 tables from the basement and set them up in big room

-Bring up colanders, cutting boards, and knives from the basement

-Assess what you have and what you need in terms of food- dig through boxes, check the pantry etc.

-Come to a consensus about what dishes will be prepared from the food you have (more…)

Saturday, July 31st from 12noon until 5pm at the corner of Main and Laurel in Monroe Park.

A really really free market is an alternative to the capitalist version of a ‘free market’ where in fact, nothing is free. The really really free market is a place where people can come bring things they no longer need or use and give them away. It is a place where people can come get the things they need for free, without having to participate in the corporate market. Really really free markets build community instead of destroying it.

The RVA Really Really Free Markets provide people with a chance to share the excess that they possess, to prevent the landfills from filling with stuff that will never decompose and is nowhere near the end of its usefulness, and to offer the community a chance to come together for a day of free fun in the sun!

Feel free to come give a workshop or skillshare, play some music, facilitate a discussion, tell stories, and more! Please encourage others to do the same.

Help spread the word! Tell your friends & family & coworkers & community members. Make flyers, send emails, and start conversations. Build your community through mutual aid & collective knowledge.

We have been trying to get together the resources to provide free breakfasts for kids in Southern Barton heights for a while now. Unfortunately, it looks like for now we are only going to be able to do one day a week.

Our plan is to start providing free breakfast for kids starting on Friday June 25th (after school lets out for the summer). We will do free breakfasts every Friday morning at 10am.

Anyone who wants to come help us cook food on Friday mornings, or just hang out with the kid,s is more than welcome to. Also, if you have any breakfast type things to donate to us for use during this weekly program please contact us and let us know.

Tuesday, June  22nd at 7:30pm, Discussion at the Wingnut

Community Alternatives to Police

Community Discussion, Open to All

Come talk about how we can resolve conflicts and protect ourselves and our community without involving the police.

We’ll be talking about possible ways to deal with everything from noisy neighbors to home invasions, so come with ideas, questions, and a willingness to discuss new solutions to old problems.

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective
2005 Barton Ave              (804) 303-5449


The house you may have noticed at 2005 Barton Avenue is called The Wingnut, and is a project of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective. We hope to maintain a positive relationship with our community and the individuals within it.  Therefore we feel that it is important for us to be upfront and honest about who we are and what we believe.

As anarchists, we do our best to live by the principles of mutual aid, anti-authoritarianism, and direct action.

Mutual aid for us encompasses a wide variety of things.  We believe in sharing our resources – material, physical, mental and emotional.  We share our food, labor, knowledge and support freely with those who would do the same for us.  We strive to create safe spaces for children, elders, disabled people, those with emotional or psychological trauma, those in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, and people of all races, religions, national origins, genders and sexual orientations.

We seek to support our community in ways that make everyone feel safer, stronger, and more empowered. (more…)

Come to The WIngnut on Saturday March 20th at 6pm to meet with other people interested in doing some radical gardening. Lets figure out what we all can contribute to each other and how we want to go about it.
We know we are going to garden at the Wingnut- if you want to be a part of this then you can also be a part of the ‘fruits’ of this labor. We can all play in the dirt together and then share the food we grow!
We also sort of want some sort of a garden for Food Not Bombs. So if you have a yard or just some seeds or soil or whatever let us know.
Maybe bring a list of resources you can definitely donate- whether that be soil or fertilizer or seeds or tools or tillers or planters or labor etc.
We can figure out the best way for us all to grow our own food.
Maybe talk about workshops we could do. Maybe talk about making little planters with a few plants we can all share with our neighbors?

If you are interested in our project, or just want to get rid of some stuff, here are things we could really use. I promise we will be putting them to good use!

Lumber- especially 2x10s and 2x4s


Ceramic PLates (for food not bombs)

Food (more…)