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Tuesday June 3rd at 7pm!

The event is an evening of folk punk jams from “remember when we trashed the golf course?”

the show includes playing telephone pictionary with the audience, zines, and comics.

You can listen to the music at

All ages, sober show. Please bring $$$ to donate to the touring musician, and to buy merch!!!

We are also looking for 1-2 local acts to open the show!

Come help raise some funds for this year’s Richmond Zine Fest & listen to some bad ass Richmond folks singin’ some soft tunes!


one of her last shows in Richmond before leavin’ town!

also leaving town later this summer!

This year’s Richmond Zine Fest will be on October 5th, 2013 at the GCCR. register for tables & workshops @

Studio Two Three is Richmond’s nonprofit community print shop, located at 1617 W. Main Street

LoveHoldLetGo Tour comes to the Wingnut on July 16th!
7pm, all ages, sober

“LoveHoldLetGo“ is a mobile collaborative performance spanning the oral-traditions of poetry, folk music, shadow puppet theater, and the potential of live art to bring communities closer to each other, and to the Earth. “LoveHoldLetGo” is a constellation connected through a cross-country tour aross America by spoken word poet Jess X Chen & folk musician, Beyon.

What You Will See

A shadow-puppet spoken word play by Jess X Chen

The Cast is the impossible relationship developed between the last human on Earth and the Earth. The last human’s name is “Silence” she has been uprooted from her home, and replanted on the other side of the world. With time, an impossible intimacy is exchanged amongst the limits of language, the limits of scale, the limits of two lifetimes and they attempt to bring each other to the present. When the Earth mysteriously stops spinning, the world is thrown out of balance, Silence is left shivering on the dark side of her love, desperately trying to understand what happened.

 A full length solo album by Beyon.
The mind behind lyrics like “all the blackness in the sky are just stars you can’t see without a telescope” continues to excavate cosmic scale, human loss and regeneration. These tracks are searchlights into the corridors of one’s forgotten past, while friends take the form of wooly bear caterpillars who freeze every winter only to thaw in the summer. Like the light of stars, these songs outlive their source, and in their shining, allow a letting go.


We spent Thursday night and a good chunk of the day Friday entering all of the books from our Radical Lending Library onto the Librarything, adding tags to pre-existing entries, and re-organizing the shelves. The result (aside from our crossed eyes and papercuts) is a library collection that is much easier to search by subject online and better arranged on the shelves.

We had over 200 books that were in our collection but not yet recorded as in our collection. Now all of those titles are available in our online database.

To search our collection, go to:  We have 2 collections currently- one is the Approaching Apocalypse Zine Library which currently has just 203 catalogued titles.  Our book collection, titled Your Library, now has 764 titles.

Some of our categories in our library include: guns, gardens, DIY (Do It Yourself), Myths, Religion, Guerilla Warfare, Government Oppression, Anti-Civilization, Ecology, Civil Rights, Black Liberation, Radical Activism, Hawai’i, Australia, Indigenous, Richmond, Richmond Authors, Queer Theory, Queer History, Queer Biography, Queer Fiction, Feminism, Medicine and Alternative Medicine, Animal Rights, Food Politics, Cookbooks, Art, Music, Bikes, Military Handbooks, Field Guides, Zine Compilations, Graphic Novels, Travelling, Globalization, Anarchism, Radical Fiction, Prisons, Anarchist Practice, Mexico, Central America, South America, Celts, Consumer Culture, U.S. Cultural Studies, Home Renovation and More!

Please, feel free to go onto and search the collections here at the Wingunt (thewingnutrva is our screenname on that website) If you seem somehting you like, come by during Open Hours (Wednesday and Friday from 4-9pm)and check it out (you can check a book out for 2 weeks). If you can’t make open hours just send us an email or give us a call and we can arrange a different time for your visit. (804) 303 5449

If you would like to donate us books, we are specifically interested in adding to our Anarchism, Radical Fiction, Radical Activism, Black Liberation, Civil Rights, Prisons, Government Oppression, Queer Theory, Queer History, and DIY sections. But if your donation is to a different category that would be lovely as well!

You’ve got to give Charles Samuels and his group of knee jerk lawyers one thing… they’re tenacious as hell.  Not a month after the courts found Samuels’ noise ordinance unconstitutional, he’s got a new draft ready to go, and the sequel is just as long-winded, vague, and concerning as the first.

Here’s the new version:

Click to access Noise%20Ordinance%20Draft%20Version%201%20_2_.pdf

If you feel the need to sift through all of the lawyer speak of this new ordinance, (and I strongly suggest that you do), you’ll find all sorts of little questions that need to be raised regarding the constitutionality of the document.  For all of you who just want a rundown, we’ve got you covered.


Local musician and activist Silver Persinger wrote an article after the August Really Really Free Market in Richmond. He came and performed his music with a portable amp. The Really Really Free Market is a monthly event on the last Saturday of every month in Monroe Park from 12-3 at the corner of Main and Laurel which provides an alternative to the capitalist market. Musicians, performers, non-profits, artists, etc. are invited to perform, play, share, teach, inform etc. every month. Everyone else is invited to bring stuff to give away, come get stuff, learn, listen, and engage with your community!

Here is the article, Silver’s blog is listed in our links section:

OUr friend E String Al came over to the Wingnut yesterday with assorted coffee cans, soda cans, and buckets. We gathered about 8 or 9 interested kids, and Al showed everyone how to make drums, shakers, and beats. A lot of kids just wanted to be as loud as possible, but soon asked Al how to make beats work together. There was a lot of noise in the Wingnut! Luckily, everyone decided they would like to move outside and have a Kids’ parade. And so started the Barton Avenue Kids’ Parade. We are hoping to have more kids music days in the future and learn about more homemade instruments, but at least now when the Wingnut has house shows, the kids have their own instruments with which to participate.

We started having shows in January, right about the same time Richmond Food Not Bombs started being cooked at the Wingnut. So far I think we have had about 4 or 5.

This past Saturday we were supposed to have a show, but the band didn’t show up, and we still haven’t heard from them. Luckily we are resourceful people and still had a successful evening by switching the plans and having a bonfire and cooking veggie dogs and listening to our friend Aeon Yahweh play acoustic guitar around the fire.

But this whole event made me realize I want to be more clear with bands about what we need you to know about shows at the Wingnut, and what we expect from you. So here is information that anyone who wants to have  a show at the Wingnut really should read:


Saturday, April 10, 2010


At the Wingnut!!

Come See Grex- from Amherst, Massachusetts
They are on tour in a veggie oil vehicle.
GREX and SASQWASH have hit the road in Apukalypse Fuck Mobile the 2nd. Our albums are done and on the WAVES page.

Anyone local want to play this show too?

All Ages

Lots of instruments!
“everyone sings
br />Dan -Guitar, bass, accordion
Ariel- Violin, Guitar
Zack- Banjo, Guitar
Amanda- SAW!
Tony -‘electric’ bucket, symbol, shaker, synth
Dr. T- percussion, guitar, bass, accordion
Aiyana- flute”

“grex started out as a single celled amoeba, drifting about in puddles and devouring life forms smaller than itself. One day, after receiving an electro-magnetic signal, many of these amoeba coagulated into a multi-cellular photo-synthetic slug. After a period of fruitful metabolism, the grex-slug exploded into spores of millions more amoebas, which infected the intestines of commerce, causing hilarious farts and embarrassing diarrhea.”

Please be respectful of our neighborhood, Southern Barton Heights, as well as our neighbors. Don’t speed, litter, or be too loud when outside. We encourage friendliness. Also, please respect the Wingnut. The Wingnut is a radical collective focused on social justice and building community. We work really hard on many projects to keep the space productive and positive.
No cops allowed.

Please be respectful of our neighborhood, Southern Barton Heights, as well as our neighbors. Don’t speed, litter, or be too loud when outside. We encourage friendliness. Also, please respect the Wingnut. The Wingnut is a radical collective focused on social justice and building community. We work really hard on many projects to keep the space productive and positive. No cops allowed.

Fairy Boy & The Official Suckers and Mogli
Queer Panic FOlk from Halifax, Nova Scotia
Music/Arts – Performance

Sunday, February 28, 2010
2:20pm – 5:20pm
The Wingnut

Hey Yall
Please come out to have a fun time at the Wingnut after Food Not Bombs on Sunday February 28th.