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Tuesday night was another cold night in Monroe Park. However, that did not stop the Monroe Park Occupation from setting up more of the camp. There is now a banner which reads “Free Tuition For Everyone”, as well as anarchist flags, a Really Really Free Market table, a food tent (kitchen), and a couch. Throughout Tuesday occupiers talked with passing pedestrians about the issues they were concerned with.

There were between 12-15 of us Tuesday night… including folks who regularly congregate in the park, a couple folks from IWW, Food Not Bombs, Queer Action, and a surprising number of people who just came over to play music and have a great time.

Friends, new friends, and supporters stopped by throughout the night to check on the Occupation and hang out in the park.

Tonight a storm is scheduled to begin which will last through Thursday day. Anyone who has any tents, tarps, ponchos, or blankets to bring to the park is encouraged to do so. Anyone willing to get a little wet is also encouraged to spend the night in the park.

More pictures after the break (more…)