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Wingnut Statement On The Monroe Park Renovation Plan

The current renovation plans for Monroe Park are riddled with problems and are overall, entirely unacceptable.

Our demands regarding the park are as follows:

We oppose the renovation plans in their entirety, as they are racist, classist, and a thinly veiled attempt at privatizing and capitalizing on a public park.

  1. There needs to be an immediate cessation of all attempts from MPAC and the City of Richmond to criminalize the homeless.
  2. We demand the inclusion of homeless people in all decisions relating to homelessness, housing, free food programs, etc. We demand that the homeless be given roles with the power to make decisions about their own futures in whatever groups or organizations are making these decisions.
  3. We demand the cessation of the endless promotion of the Conrad Center as the solution to homelessness in Richmond. We demand the cessation of the attempts to centralize all programs that serve the homeless at the Conrad Center, which has aggressively pushed its agenda of misinformation for years now.
  4. We demand that there be NO paid park director, especially at the outrageous salary of 150,000 a year. (more…)

The Richmond Food Not Bombs group got a really sweet surprise in the mail this past week. The San Francisco Food Not Bombs group, which has various friends in Richmond mailed RVA Food Not Bombs a solidarity package.

They had heard about the current campaign to keep Monroe Park, where Richmond Food Not Bombs has served a weekly meal for almost 17 years, open. Understanding that struggling against state and class/race oppression to maintain a Food Not Bombs community meal is important, San Francisco sent Richmond some solidarity. The package included, stickers, a vegan cookbook, a San Francisco FNB shirt, and some money to go towards the Monroe Campaign. It is also pretty clear that there was a lot of love in that envelope as well.

Thanks San Francisco! We love you back!