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This is tomorrow yall! I have work and cant go, but please share and support. Fast food workers are raising up and fighting back against poverty wages and racism in the workplace.
Thursday Jan 29 @ 12 noon at the McDonalds in Carytown!!

Facebook event link:

Here is an update on the Fast food workers / Raise Up campaign:

Hello everyone,

Seven million workers have increased their wages since the fast food worker campaign began two years ago, but that’s not how I know we are winning.

Last year I saw a proposed bill, that would’ve increased VA minimum wage to $8.25 over 3 years (crap, right?), go down without a chance. One year later a proposed bill for $10.10 went down without a prayer There was even talk about a bill for $15.15. So in one year, we went from not passing $ 8.25 to not passing $15.15. I know that sounds sad, but for a life-long Virginian I’m stoked as hell! I know this campaign is working!

2015 is going to be the year for a living-wage! April 15th is going to be our largest mobilization ever and we cannot do it without you. So please join us for a community allies planning meeting next Monday Feb 2nd, 6pm-7pm, at the BCT Local 203 on 231 E Belt Blvd, Richmond Va 23224.

Please contact me with any questions and please feel free to invite any organizations or individuals who are down for the cause.

In solidarity,
Guillermo Zamora
VA Raise Up

Thursday May 15!!!!


Come out Richmond to support Fast Food Workers in their fight for 15 and the right to unionize. We need all community support that we can get!!

Early birds, come get your strike on at 6am at 2601 Chamberlayne Ave @ Burger King before you go to work or school!!! It means a lot to Fast food workers to get community support.

Later, join us at BCT Local 203T, 231 Belt Blvd, Richmond, VA 23224 at 9am on Thursday May 15. We will gather, connect, make signs and prepare for the demo. At 10:45 we will march to the KFC at 401 Belt Blvd.

Facebook page for the event:!/profile.php?id=572614862836137


The first strike happened in New York over a year ago, several months later fast food workers, in over 60 cities across the nation, went on strike. Last December, fast food workers in over a 100 cities, including Richmond for the first time, went on strike. Now, on May 15th, fast food workers from 33 countries in every continent (except Antarctica) will be going out to strike as well.

After our last strike in December, McDonald’s, one of the biggest corporations in the world, admitted to the SEC that the strikes are hurting and that they may need to increase wages. City after city have passed living-wage bills, Connecticut soon followed. With so many believing that the labor movement is dying, we are proving them dead-wrong. We are remaking history.


Our wage theft action in April was a huge success; with various unions and community supporters coming out in solidarity, but there were union busters on-site as well. What has kept the workers safe from retaliation at that Wendys was the overwhelming community support. We can expect the boss response to be more coordinate and severe this time around, so our community support has to be even greater. We are going to win this thing, but only with more of the support that you all have given since day one.

So we are gathering at BCT Local 203T at 9am and marching to the KFC at 10:45am


From our friends organizing around Fast Food Workers!
So next Thursday, April 3rd,  the Fast Food Workers will be having wage theft actions across the country. Our action will be at the Wendy’s at 4805 W Broad, at 5pm. But first we will meet at 4pm at the Weinstein Community Center on 5403 Monument Ave; to eat, make signs, practice some chants, and plan our action. Ideally, everyone will meet at the community center so we can all leave as a big group, but people can meet us at the Wendy’s right before 5 and wait for us to arrive. The entire thing should be over around 5:45.

This will be the biggest action we do till the next strike, so a huge turnout would do a lot to galvanize the workers and give us a lot of momentum to build up on. So please bring your members, friends, coworkers and family.


Here are some photos from today’s Raise Up! press conference, which was held at the McDonald’s at E. Broad and 18th.

The rain and the cold didn’t stop fast food workers, or supporting unions and organizations from showing up to take a stand against wage theft and abuse at work. Fast food workers demand respect, $15 an hour, an end to wage theft and more!

If you are a fast food worker who has experienced Wage Theft in the Richmond area, call 804 495 1439 to report it!  Or check out






Next time hopefully the weather will treat us better and we will see more faces out to support Fast Food Workers! Unionizing in the South is hard, and vitally important. Support Southern workers, support Fast Food Workers! Everyone deserves a Living Wage!

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