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Anarchist Air will be an approximately 2 minute radio segment on a piece of Anarchist or radical history. It will be similar in format to the Rainbow Minute, which is produced for WRIR out of Richmond, Virginia.

This will be a daily news segment, relating to an interesting or important piece of history for that day or relative time period. If you have ideas for interesting or significant pieces of anarchist news or history you would like to see included please get in touch.

This will debut on January 1st, 2012, on this website and maybe on local and other radio stations or shows.

Ideas can be submitted to xveganarchistrvax [at]

Reporters from local radio station WRIR 97.3 came to the 2010 Richmond Zine Festival and interviewed a variety of zinesters as well as local organizers. It also includes a nice piece on the Flying Brick Library. Everyone who was interviewed did a really nice job talking about a variety of important issues.  Check it out! Support the Richmond Zine Fest, support WRIR, and support the Flying Brick!

The text from the story as well as links to groups mentioned can be found at


Several Wingnuts were featured on WRIR today talking about Monroe Park, Food Not Bombs, Veganism, Anarchy, and our happy snappy Anarchist Collective:

You can listen to the radio show here:

This past Sunday Food Not Bombs and the Wingnut got visited by a reporter and a photographer from local public radio station WRIR. They did interviews and took pictures during the cooking at the Wingnut and in Monroe Park.

The piece is supposed to air today at 11am and 3pm on 97.3 WRIR.

Some pictures are already online at:

And if you miss the live airing the story should be available on WRIR’s website after today at:

If you are inspired please consider coming to help out or making a donation of money or food. Checks can be written to “Food Not Bombs” and mailed to PO Box 6025 Richmond, VA 23222 ❤