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From the Southern Barton Heights Community Association

The Southern Barton Heights Community Association is organizing a Community Trash Clean up day!

We will be getting pick-up sticks and trash bags from the city and meeting at 3pm at the corner of Poe St. and Lamb Ave. (in front of Triumphant Baptist Church where are monthly meetings are held).

Please bring your neighbors and help us clean up a section of the neighborhood and spend time with eachother.

We plan to be out there for 2 hours, so dress to stay warm!

We will focus on the areas of Barton Avenue, Lamb Avenue, and the alley between. The more people who come out the more we can get done!

We will organize the next Community Trash Cleaup Day at our December meeting on Tuesday Dec. 11th at 6:30 pm at Triumphant Baptist Church.

For more information please call 804 300 0023 email or check online at

If you live on Barton Avenue or  in the surrounding area, just to let you know, The Wingnut Collective will be doing a litter cleanup on Sunday May 23rd from 9am until we are finished. Our focus will be the 2000- 2400 blocks of Barton Avenue. We have 15 orange vests and 15 trash picker uppers that we got from Darlene Mallory with the Clean City Commission.

Please meet us out front of the Wingnut at 9am on Sunday the 23rd. If you have an extra trashbag or two to bring that would be awesome!

After an already busy day, including fence and gate repair and Food Not Bombs, us Wingnuts enjoyed some veggie dogs over our newly finished fire pit. Then we set off to our corner store with shovels, rakes, trashbags, and wildflower seeds. Our street has no trashcans, but a lot of people use it as the path to and from the North Avenue Market. So there is a bunch of trash. We’ve picked it up before, but this time we went to a further spot from our house, right next to the store. We filled 2 giant bags with litter. Then we tilled up the dirt with shovels and planted some wildflower seeds. I hope they grow!

Eric, Johnny Ray, Jeremy and I are pretty danged pooped now. Gonna read and sleep personally, looks like they are gonna stay up with the fire.