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Last night, 4 members of the Wingnut headed up to Charlottesville to participate in a solidarity march for Eric Scott and Hunter Singleton that was being put together by Occupy Charlottesville.

When the 4 of us arrived we were warmly greeted, and welcomed to their occupation. Folks there wanted to know about what had happened to Eric in Richmond, and what the situation was. Enough people wanted to hear that a Mic Check was initiated, and Eric spoke to the group. He told them about what occurred on November the 9th, and also of how the arrest, experience with jail, and pending charges made him scared in some ways, but made his struggles more important, and that he would not back down.

Hopefully we will have footage of Eric speaking later today, as well as copies of Occupy Charlottesville’s statement in solidarity with Occupy Richmond.

The group marched through the downtown mall, stopping twice to read statements- one in solidarity with Occupy Richmond, and one about the SWAT raids of Occupy Chapel Hill on Sunday.

Chants of No Justice No Peace, and Cops Here, Troops there, U.S. Out of Everywhere echoed through the downtown mall.

On the way back to the park, the solidarity march took the streets, with 4 black flags in the mix. Who’s Streets? Our Streets. Who’s Park? Our Park.

Afterwards, an occupier took the 4 Richmonders out for vegan pizza, and we got a chance to talk to folks in Charlottesville.

Thanks Yall!

Here is a link to a short news piece on last night’s march, which includes an interview with Eric: