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There is a scheduled Land Use meeting at City Hall on Tuesday February 18th at 3pm, where the proposal for the privatization of Monroe Park will be presented by Alice Massey.

Please come out with friends, signs, and voices to be heard. It is imperative for the freedom of citizens of Richmond, the houseless, low income, radical social movements, and spontaneous events that we STOP the City from leasing Monroe Park to any private party, and STOP there from ever being a permit process or fee for holding events in our public commons.

For more information please check out the following article and links:

Op Ed: Monroe Park Needs Renovations NOT Privatization

Monroe Campaign

Monroe Park Occupation



We don’t have all of the information or links as of yet, but have just heard that the new City Budget has money for the Monroe Park Renovation Plan.
The Monroe Park Renovation Plan – at least in it’s 2010/2011 version, was incredibly problematic and incredibly classist.
We are meeting with a City Council person later this week to discuss the current situation and find out what the plan and timeline are.
Folks unfamiliar with this issue should take a look at and www.monroeparkoccupation.wordpress.com and to see many articles on why park renovation plans were rejected by a huge coalition in years past.
We’ve occupied the park before, and will not allow the park to be shut down to serve the interests of VCU and gentrifiers.
If you’ve struggled against the Monroe Park Renovation before, this is your alert to start paying attention and be prepared to get involved and defend the people’s park!!!!
Monroe Park Will Stay Open.
We Will Win, We Always Do!

Our friend Liz Sussan is going to be facilitating Yoga in Monroe Park on a weekly basis. Anyone is welcome to participate.

Bring your own mat if you have one. Liz will have two spare mats to share. Please bring a towel. If you don’t have a mat, you can bring two towels, and use them to pad the ground.This is donation-only, so drop a few bucks down if you can, and if not, no problem, just come and practice!

Let’s meet at the corner of Laurel and Franklin. Liz will start by teaching Vinyasa basics like Sun Salutations, and lead us in a nice, flowing practice.

We will shoot for Wednesdays at 10 am. When it gets too hot for 10 am, we will show up earlier. This event is weather permitting.

Whether its practicing yoga in Monroe Park or going to eat at Food Not Bombs, using Monroe Park on a regular basis is something that can help keep the space visible and help prevent the sort of renovation plan that Charles Samuels and the Monroe Park Advisory Council would like to see.  Continued use of the space and discussion of the renovation issue are ways to keep working against their plans to gentrify the park, even when the status of the project is unclear. Monroe Park is a gorgeous area that is perfect for hanging out it, practicing yoga, etc. so let’s use it!

Robin, Elly, and Daveigh start making the breakfast!!!


Grits, opening the back door


This article was posted on the Oregon Hill neighborhood website by Todd Woodson. He gives his perspective on the Monroe Park Advisory Council and the history leading up to their current renovation plans. What is more interesting than the article itself is the comments. Online Commenter ‘Michael’ does a really nice job of arguing the reasons for keeping Monroe Park open during renovations.

‘Michael’, who is not associated with Food Not Bombs or other programs in the park  says:

“Renovations are done to important city infrastructure in segments ALL THE TIME. We don’t close the entire Fan District to address water pipes and repaving and whatever else has been worked on in the city. The park is an important resource to a lot of people, it would be very sad for it to be completely closed off for 18+ months.

As I understand it, the park has been used for feeding programs because of its openness and central location. It is a gathering place, a public space where people who aren’t as fortunate as you and I can go to gather their wits without having to deal with being constantly observed and shuffled about by owners of a building. It is a free space in a central location with public facilities, with lighting and nature and a variety of patrons. Its a special place that should not be shut down in the opinion of quite a many number of people who are tax-payers and concerned citizens.

Why not fight for this or that? I’m not in the business of deciding what is better for other people. This is a public place that others CHOOSE to utilize. We don’t have to bus people in and out, no one has to maintain a building, no one has to be shut away from the public eye, this is a public space and in my heart I believe it should remain that way. Want to renovate? Great, do renovations in the park, but find a way to do it without closing it down and locking people out. (more…)

There is a new website about Monroe Park and keeping it open throughout the construction process.

check out

Monroe Park is Richmond’s oldest park, and is one of few large green spaces in downtown Richmond. Current plans for renovation, backed by the Monroe Park Advisory Council, the VCU administration, involve closing the entire park off for 9 to 18 months and then reopening it under the control of a private non-profit corporation. This site is part of an effort to coordinate the activities of people who oppose the closure and privatization of the park.