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The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross will be taking a field trip to Chapel Hill, North Carolina on Saturday September 17th!

We are primarily going to talk to people involved with the Internationalist Prison Books project, so we can learn from them as we think about starting a Books To Prisoners program as part of Richmond’s Anarchist Black Cross. We will also be checking out Internationalist Books in Chapel Hill. This will be a great chance to network regionally between groups fighting the prison industrial complex and doing work to support political prisoners.

If you came out to the Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army show at the Wingnut and enjoyed it and want to get involved in work around prison issues this could be a great way to learn more and meet Richmonders as well as North Carolinians interested in the same things.

More about these organizations here:

and here:

Depending on what else Chapel Hill has going on that weekend and the schedules of Richmonder’s who want to come we might go down for Friday night and stay through Saturday day, or maybe go down Saturday morning and come back Sunday morning. If people are interested in going please get in touch so we can figure out a schedule that works for the most people possible! (more…)