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Do you live in Southern Barton Heights? Do you need to monitor your Blood Pressure? Do you want to know your Blood Pressure? Mo, a resident at the Wingnut at 2005 Barton Avenue worked for 4 years as an EMT, and knows how to take Blood Pressure. If you would like to have Mo help you monitor your blood pressure please stop by the Wingnut or call 804 303 5449 (Wingnut home phone number) or 804 300 0023 (Mo’s phone number). She has a BP Cuff and sphygmomanometer .

The Wingnut Collective is currently trying to pool resources and collect items that would enable us to begin a breakfast for kids program. There are quite a few children in our neighborhood. With school about to be out for the summer, it can be more difficult for families to budget for food. It seems like from talking to the kids that a lot of them will be around all summer with no specific programs to keep them occupied.  We would like to serve a free breakfast Monday through Friday to kids in our neighborhood. This way everyone could have a healthy start to their day, and safe place to be.

If you would like to help us start this program, there are many ways you can do so. We need help finding organizations to donate us food. If you have a non-profit, if you could help us use your non-profit number to get food from the Food Bank that would be amazing. If you have an organization with a big budget but not so many big programs, you could kick us down some funds. We don’t even need money as much as we need breakfast foods. Here are some items we are going to need on a weekly basis to keep our neighbors healthy! (more…)