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Come one come all on Friday October 25th to a Halloween Bike Parade!

Critical Mass/ bike parades are typically on the last Friday of every month.

5pm meet up in Monroe Park near the fountain.  The ride will leave at 6pm!

Costumes encouraged as long as they aren’t the racist/sexist variety or other oppressive costumes.

Bring music, signs,  kids, etc. To celebrate bikes and Halloween!
The ride will be a group ride and we will try to stick together- its no race!


Monday October 14th 6-9pm at 2005 Barton Avenue
Bonus to anyone who brings halloween themed food!
Come hang out, eat food, check out the Wingnut if you haven’t, talk about your ideas, network etc.We can talk about consent or copwatch or anarchism or current events. We can talk about Food Not Bombs, our bikes program, movie nights, the radical sobriety support group, and more! We can plan workshops and projects!

We have a lot of friends and get a lot of requests from new folks who want to know what we are all about. We figure a monthly open communal meal is a lowkey way to stay in touch with old friends and make new friends.

Hopefully this will be a monthly, casual affair, alternating between the last Saturday and the second Monday of months.

Potluck so please bring a dish to share. Vegan or not just let folks know.

Non-alcoholic beverages also welcome as the Wingnut is a sober space.
All ages event. More info on Wingnut policies available at

Here are some pictures of the Wingnut this Fall. You can see some of our Halloween decorations. (more…)

This Wednesday, October 20th at 7pm, is Craft Night at the WIngnut!

Come work on your projects, start a new project with some of our supplies, or even to play games.

We will also be making pinatas for the Really Really Free Market and the Wingnut Halloween Party. Anyone with pinata making experience is highly encouraged. We are probably going to do paper mache over balloons to make the pinata shells, which we will decorate the following week.

Hope to see you there!

Come hang out and have a scary good time at the Wingnut. Bring a vegan dish to share if you can- fall/halloween themed.

Friday October 29th, at 7pm

We will be cooking up a big pot of Witch’s Stew. So if you want to bring a non-alcoholic beverage like apple cider or a dessert item like pumpkin pie that would be freaking awesome!

Also, we will all be listening to Mischief Brew! There will be rauckus dancing and silliness.

We will also be decorating and filling pinatas for the Really Really Free Market and the Southern Barton Heights Halloween Party. If you want to bring candy to help us fill the pinatas with that would be exceptionally helpful.