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This is a list of the guidelines we have come up with for guests at the Wingnut.


We are a Community Oriented Activist Home

If you are hanging out here or staying here we have a few requests.

  • Make sure it is ok for you to spend the night
  • No guest is allowed to spend more than 4 consecutive nights
  • All guests should help with food costs – bring us some food, or throw down some money etc.
  • All guests should help with cleaning, and contribute by cleaning or fixing something every day they stay- ask us, we have plenty to get done
  • All guest bedding should be cleaned up each morning, not left out on couches or floors
  • All guests should do their own dishes
  • Guests can help avoid wearing out their welcome by not zoning out on couches
  • All of our utilities cost money- contributions for the utilities you use are encouraged (internet, water, electric)
  • Please keep utilities in mind- turn lights and electronics off when you are not in the room, and do not waste water
  • Help us out with projects like gardening, cleaning, construction, pruning, building, organizing etc.
  • Communicate with us! Clearly and frequently, so we know your intentions and you know ours
  • Absolutely no drugs allowed, with you or in you. No mercy for anyone who violates this rule. As a political space with police harassment we want to avoid trouble where we can.