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Wingnut House Policies

No drinking, No drugs, No people intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.

No Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Ageist, Classist, or Ableist language or actions. We support calling out of these actions. If you hear someone say something and you are not comfortable addressing it please let a Wingnut know.

We are busy people. We can’t spend too much time just hanging out, but folks are welcome to work on various projects with us. We love productivity.

If you want to bring a friend over, ask one of the Wingnuts before you do – especially if we have never met them before.

Please, if you are a guest, clean up after your mess. This means your dishes, glasses, craft supplies, legos, etc.

Do not feed the dogs without asking first. Please also do not throw toys for the dogs inside, thats what we have a backyard for.

Do not bring over other animals- dogs, cats, rats, etc. without checking first. This can disrupt our dogs and cause fights.

Help us conserve electricity. Turn out lights, fans, etc. when you leave rooms.

If you want to use the bathroom and don’t know about greywater systems, please ask.

If you see something dirty, you can clean it. We would appreciate that.

Yesterday I made signs to put in the bathrooms so folks would know how to work the greywater systems we now have in place. And also have a little more information about greywater in general.

Here are some more pictures: (more…)

This week the Wingnut finally turned our bathroom sinks into greywater systems!

Its super easy, who knows why we took so long to do it. Jeremy and Eric just took some Vice grips and unattached the U piece of pipe under the bathroom sinks and put a 5 gallon bucket under it.

So now, when you are at the Wingnut and need to flush, just grab the bucket of water and pour some into the toilet bowl, and magick! it flushes.

This means we all need to be more conscious of how much water we use in the sinks so we don’t overflow the buckets. Yay for saving money and not wasting so much water!!!