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Muckman vs. RPD

Posted: March 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So apparently the Richmond Police are focusing efforts on catching local graffiti artist Muckman.

Why this one artist? Well we can only guess it is because many of his pieces are accompanied by an ACAB tag – meaning All Cops Are Bastards.

Ouchie, must hurt their feelings. Sort of like an iota of the pain felt by the thousands of people targeted by racial profiling and classism and arrested for non violent crimes and crimes of survival. Like an iota of the pain felt by people who experience police brutality, the criminalization of homelessness, or the non lgbtq friendly police and prison systems. Sort of like that except for not really.

Seems like the police are ticked off and so trying to put the pressure on. Fairly immature reason for the focus but, hey, it is the cops so what do you expect.

Public opinion in Richmond, like many places, is ignored by the elite ruling classes. The domination of corporations and old money means that there are constant struggles against bad public policies. The police are the enforcement arm of the regime. So when City Council refuses to listen to the people, and if for instance they were to do something like build a baseball stadium on historic slave market areas that ought to be preserved, or privatize Monroe Park, the police would be there to try to stop the protests. And not being the corporate elite in this society, having the money to compete with Vulture Richmond’s pro-privatization campaigns is pretty impossible.

So of course the resistance will need to engage in more do it yourself methods of getting the word out. Including street art and graffiti.

Wheat pastes of messages like the previous Dwight Jones is Selling Our City ones, and Muckman are simply to be expected.

So here’s hoping Muckman can continue to paint without getting caught. The people seem to support the anti-cop message. Thank you to Muckman for the promoting of the anti-cop message, we can only hope to see more of these messages of resistance in the public sphere.

We would love to see more pictures of Muckman pieces or any other anti establishment street art. Keeping security culture in mind though. Wingnut_collective@yahoo .com



IMG_20121212_161100 (more…)

The Richmond Police Department installed surveillance cameras around the city secretly in April. Supposedly these cameras are in areas where graffiti occurs. The police say there are 11 of these cameras.There might be more.

To identify the cameras, we have this description to go on:

“Each FlashCam digital camera is a nondescript, gray metal box capped with a small solar panel. Its manufacturer, Q-Star Technology, recommends installing them 18-20 feet above the ground. It takes 12-megapixel photos, clear enough to identify people and capture a license plate number more than 250 feet away in total darkness, Q-Star’s website says.” (from Style Weekly article here: )

We have heard reports that at least some of the cameras “talk” to bystanders who set off their motion detectors. Any video of this happening would also be appreciated.

Richmond Copwatch is looking for information on the location of these cameras. If you have seen any of these cameras around Richmond, please get in touch.  804 303 5449 or or

Here at the Wingnut, our privacy fence is less for privacy, and more for keeping Grits and Flapjack in the yard. With that in mind, we decided to add a purpose to the blank slate fence we had. We have now made the fence available as a graffiti practice wall of sorts. Anyone is welcome to come practice some art on the fence. When it gets covered up, we suggest that folks just keep on painting, covering it up as they please.

If anyone wants to do workshops for local kids, to teach them techniques from spray painting to stencilling, please let us know! Also, if anyone has any paints or spray paints or brushes etc. they could donate that would also rock! You would be surprised at how fast an 8 year old can go through a can of spray paint.

Graffiti is a means of artistic and political expression for individuals in a world where almost all public expression comes from corporations and governments. We believe that the very act of creating a public statement or art piece can be empowering, and that empowerment in itself is important and valuable.
We are also into the concept of graffiti and street art in general as an anti-gentrification tool. The presence of graffiti in an area can act as a deterrent to an influx of wealthier individuals who can be part of the gentrification process.
We are conscious of the fact that some of our neighbors care about the property value of their house. But we also have many neighbors who struggle with their yearly property tax bills, and many many more who rent their apartments and houses, and therefore will benefit if their rent stays the same or cheaper. Unfortunately, the absurd functioning of the capitalist real estate market is such that increasing property values ends up forcing out many low income people in a community. And in Richmond we do not have fixed rent, so gentrification is a really serious problem for many people.
Fighting gentrification is certainly a complex and not fully understood process. And we are not dismissive of the gentrifying potential of the white skin of many who live at the Wingnut. We hope that being committed members of our community, along with strategies such as our mural and our graffiti fence, might be parts of an overall strategy of resistance to gentrification in Southern Barton Heights. Its something we are pretty much constantly thinking about, experimenting with, and working on.

Here are some pictures of what the fence looks like now- keeping in mind that it is ever changing:

Apparently there are some VCU Basketball fans in the neighborhood : )

If anything, its colorful

Nothing brings down property values like graffiti...

P.S. anyone want to help us build a better gate?


This morning Eric made a stencil out of our logo, so now we are going a little Wingnutttty.

We made staff shirts (pictures coming later). We are also making some really awesome patches to give out!

But here are pictures of the many things we have spray painted so far today:

More: (more…)