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Ever wonder what the FBI might have on file about you? Wonder even more after seeing part of the file they have on Richmond Food Not Bombs? Well it is free to request your own FBI file, and in the spirit of NOT being patriotic, Richmond Copwatch is sponsoring a Get Your FBI File Week.

All next week, come by the Wingnut for any of our events or Open Hours (We have something almost every day) and we will provide you with the forms and know how to request your very own FBI file. See how hard Amerikkka has been working for you! Find out how free you have really been!

We will upload the forms on this website later this week for folks who can’t make it by the Wingnut between the 4th of July and the 11th of July. That way you can participate in Spirit. Here are the events that we will be hosting throughout that week though:

July 4th – Di Nigunim and Barons of Tang show at 5pm (post Critical Mass)

July 5th- Maybe a show, flakey band though so we aren’t sure (ha)

July 6th- Open Hours from 4- 9pm AND the Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army show at 7pm!

July 7th- Anarchist Black Cross Field Trip to the Gun Store at 6pm

July 8th- Open Hours from 4-9pm AND 24 Hour Zine Challenge from 6pm on

July 9th- 24 Hour Zine Challenge until 6pm

July 10th- Food Not Bombs from 12:30pm until 6pm

July 11th- Xtramedium, State of Nature and Mitch the Champion show at 7pm