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Today we planted a bunch of our seedlings in our garden. Our new garden bed is where the bike rack once was- the sunshine was too good to be wasted on bikes any longer.

We’ve planted habaneros, jalopenos, banana peppers, bell peppers, cucumber, a couple varieties of tomatoes, lettuce, kale, sunflowers, watermelons, winter squash, and some other stuff we’re forgetting right now. A lot!

Ribbon fence to protect one of our mums next to the front stairs.


Here at the Wingnut we have been working on our garden a lot.

So we have also been thinking about how to water it. Since we have a mostly slate roof we can use water from our gutters to water the garden. (Asphalt shingles can leach chemicals into the water). We have been starting to make rain barrels to connect to our gutters. Unfortunately most of our downspouts are missing. If anyone has an extension ladder we can borrow/have that would be awesome so we could connect more barrels around the house.

So Far the Wingnut Garden has 8 raised beds in the front yard. We also have a variety of herbs planted in pots too. We have a bunch of jalopeno plants in our flower bed (hehehe). Across the street we have planted about 50 pounds of potatoes! Anyone who wants to help plant more stuff, get more dirt, gather water, make rain barrels, pick weeds out, etc. is more than welcome to come help out! Especially house guests! We also want to build more planters and maybe some along railings, and build things for peas and beans and tomatoes to climb on. And figure out good containers for growing upside down tomatoes!!!!

More pictures after the cut… (more…)

Yesterday we finally planted a bunch of seeds in the Garden at the Wingnut.


We built 8 4′ x 4′ boxes to make raised beds in the front yard. Then we planted everything – carrots, kale, collards, turnip greens, squash, zuchinni, tomatoes, cucumber, basil, lemon balm, cotton!!!, spinach etc.

Kayla Dean, Eric, Jeremy, and Mo planted the seeds. While we were out there, 2 kids from the neighborhood stopped by and wanted to help. So Larry and Dayshawn helped plant lemon balm, sunflower seeds, and tomatoes. Larry wanted some seeds to take home, so we set him up with a egg carton of dirt and some tomato seeds to plant.

We still have potatoes and corn to plant.

We also are growing a ton of herbs and peppers- jalopenos, mint, etc.

If you need to get your garden on, come by and help out!

These are some of the projects we want to do in the near future at the Wingnut. If you want to help out with any of them, please let us know.

Chimney fix – We need a new liner for the chimney so we can use it next winter for heat
Wood stove- We need this to go with the Chimney!
Insulation- for the attic and in the crawl space
New back porch- We want to rebuild the back porch- see other posts. This is gonna take a lot of lumber!
Permit for porch roof- We want to tear dow the old porch and rebuild it one floor higher
Solar panels- These could really help in terms of long term stability and sustainability and we have really good sunlight to place solar panels in (more…)

This Spring we will be gardening the front yard at The Wingnut. Both as a move towards self sufficiency and as a promotion of Food Not Lawns and DIY culture.

We also want to possibly do some gardening workshops for free in our neighborhood. Anyone with gardening skills they would like to share should contact us.

If anyone has Sunflower seeds- those are really good for lead remediation and for making our neighborhoods look nice. While we are huge fans of edible plants, any flowers/ferns/cacti/etc. will still be put to good use.

We are not expert gardeners by any means. Any help with planning the garden, or donations of seeds and plants will be received with open arms.
Things we wan to grow:
Lavender (more…)