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Pricey? Yes.

But supports 2 great local causes in one fell swoop.

Non-sweatshop clothing by local graphic designers wit the baddest ass FNB design I’ve seen in a hot minute.


Please spread the word!

New Normal Apparel has done a really nice job of reaching out to connect with community groups and they are brand new!


Food Not Bombs Rotational Hosting Meeting #4

Major items addressed at this meeting will be:

– a review of the responses from potential host spaces and to decide which ones we want to include in the rotation.
– discussing the details of host drives
– laying out a timeline for future meetings/implementation of rotational hosting

to fill out the doodle poll to decide when the meeting will be, please go to:

Respond to the poll using the above link!

RVA Food Not Bombs is having a meeting regarding the logistics of rotating hosting on a regular basis; this would mean that the cooking and cleanup portions of Sunday Food Not Bombs could be conducted at alternate host sites on a weekly basis.

This meeting will roughly address the following: do we want a rotating system, how will we use the rotating system, criteria needed for potential locations (these will mostly relate to concerns of size and distance), and more.

Heard word from friends in Roanoke about a new Food Not Bombs chapter they are starting up. If you know anyone in that area please pass the indfo along!

Food Not Bombs Interest Meeting
Hosted by Erika Ries, Gentry Basilseed and Jay Olde

Monday, May 13, 2013, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
auditorium, roanoke public library 706 South Jefferson Street
Get Directions
Come out and support your local Food Not Bombs chapter!

This will be our first meeting. Our initial mission is to serve free hot vegetarian/vegan meals in a public space to anyone who is hungry. All One! Everyone is welcome, bring a friend!

At the upcoming meeting we will present a brief history of Food Not Bombs and discuss options for:
~ food collection
~ location for cooking
~ location to serve food
~ community outreach

If you would like to learn more about Food Not Bombs before the meeting, you can visit the website

feel free to email questions and suggestions

Food is a Right, Not a Privilege

Join Richmond Food Not Bombs to help cook for the May Day Living Wage at VCU Rally.
May 1st at 10am at 1401 West Leigh Street (not the same address where we cook on Sundays)

Much of the prep work will take place before the cooking period; don’t be alarmed by the short period of time.

Food Not Bombs is making rice, chili, and green salad to serve after the VCU Living Wage Campaign’s May Day rally for a living wage. The cooking will take place at Kat McNeal’s house, near the Lombardy Kroger. If you become lost, call Kat at 703-859-0393.

We need extra hands primarily for loading the vehicles, some vehicles to load, and some people who feel comfortable lifting heavy pots of hot food. We will serve at 1pm, at Monroe Park.

We also need a volunteer to print handbills for FNB, to provide to diners who may not have heard of us.

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective has been organizing a monthly Mobile Food Pantry with the Central Virginia Food Bank for almost 3 years now, where we get food to around 200 households in Southern Barton Heights. It is an act of solidarity that we can do, which only takes 3-5 hours a month to do and organize, which has a tangible benefit to members of this community.

For April we served 167 households, (14 of which were deliveries we did to folks who are elderly/disabled/or stuck at work).

out of those households we had 197 Adults, 78 Seniors, and 174 Children. So over 400 people in our community got a little extra food in April.

We do the Mobile Food Pantry on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 1pm in the parking lot at the corner of North Ave. and West Graham. Volunteers help us set it up at 12 noon.

Folks who are on our distribution list are guaranteed food, we also serve food to walkups who aren’t on our voucher list as long as there is food to go round.


Wednesday May 1st from 12 noon to 1pm at the VCU Commons Plaza

May Day is a day to celebrate the victories of the working-class in their struggles against exploitation and oppression throughout history. Join the Living Wage Campaign and its allies on May Day, International Workers’ Day, as we rally for a living wage for service workers at VCU.

The average VCU service employee, especially those working through Aramark, rarely receives a pay raise. Many VCU employees must hold more than one job just to make ends meet. At the same time, many adjunct professors also do not make a livable salary and have no insurance or job security.

It is our tuition money that funds VCU, and we have every right to be outraged. The mistreatment of workers and the misplaced priorities of VCU come at the expense of the students as well.

The rally will start at noon in the Commons/Ram’s Plaza (where the big ram horns are).

Richmond Food Not Bombs will be providing some food for folks at this rally as an act of solidarity. If you are able to, bring some money to donate to FNB, or bring a grocery item we use (oil, sugar, salt, flour, spices, pasta, rice) etc. You could also come help us cook any Sunday from 12:30 to 3:30 at 2005 Barton Avenue, come eat in the park every Sunday at 4pm at the corner of Main and Belvidere in Monroe Park, or come clean up after the meal at 2005 Barton Avenue.

Here is the link for the facebook event:


Sunday, June 30th 2013: Us at Richmond Food Not Bombs, The Wingnut Anarchist Collective and various other groups (do you want to join us?) shall be celebrating our own “Independance Day” in our own independant way.

Anarchy flags will be raised and we will be cooking out in Monroe Park that Sunday just like our usual Food Not Bombs routine! Come celebrate anti-militarism and our desire for the downfall of classim, racism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism and all hierarchies! By the people, for the people.

Food Not Bombs will be bringing grills, vegan hot dogs, and other vegan cookout style foods, and convening in Monroe Park a little earlier than usual, in order to have the grills fired up to serve food around 4pm.

Food Not Bombs was started in the 1980’s in Boston as an action in opposition to war and the military industrial complex. We’ve had Food Not Bombs in Richmond for almost 20 years now.

If you or your organization would like to join us please do. Feel free to bring your own grills, charcoal, food to share, tables, entertainment, pickup trucks,non-alcoholic beverages, literature, banners, etc. or to share ours.

Let’s share Food in Monroe Park and share ideas in regards to a world independent from the Military Industrial Complex and Endless War.

This is a sober, all ages event.
We meet at the corner of Main and Belvidere in the park.
People with pickup trucks should bring them so we can put grills in the beds if necessary.
Musicians, puppeteers, etc. encouraged.

Rape Culture is fliers from our comrades in NC

Rape Culture is fliers from our comrades in NC

re-arranged book shelves

re-arranged book shelves

Updated Guest Policy and Consent Policy in the bathroom and on this website

Updated Guest Policy and Consent Policy in the bathroom and on this website