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Folks at Richmond Food Not Bombs this past  Sunday talked about what is going on in Florida with Orlando Food Not Bombs. We wanted to figure out a way to provide some sort of solidarity with them.

Folks seem to want to send some money to Orlando Food Not Bombs to support their legal needs- ie any
tickets or arrests that they have to deal with b/c of the bogus court ruling down there.

We also are going to make some cards of support to send to them. Anyone who wants to sign/make the cards should come out
to Food Not Bombs next Sunday (either cooking or in the park) to include their message.

We decided spending 100 dollars to support them from our funds was reasonable, but if anyone has any extra money they would like to send to Orlando FNB from Richmond FNB that would be rad.

We will mail them a big ol package next Tuesday, May 31st – so any notes, cards, sillyness, or money should be dropped off before then. : )

There is a previous post on the Wingnut site about the situation in Florida and the recent court ruling against Food Not Bombs.

After a lengthy judicial process, Orlando Food Not Bombs has had their right to serve free food and literature restricted to twice a year per park. This outrageous classist court ruling is now spreading to other places in Florida. Attacks on Food Not Bombs in Orlando are attacks on Food Not Bombs everywhere. It is vital that people around the world take action in support of Orlando and other Food Not Bombs groups.

You know it...

There is a Food Not Bombs gathering in Florida this coming weekend. For folks who can’t make it to that gathering, please come to Monroe Park Food Not Bombs to talk about how Richmonders can support Floridians. We will hopefully be receiving specific information from Florida Food Not Bombs groups between now and then regarding what they would find useful in terms of support and solidarity. Come to help cook from 12:30 to 3:45 at 2005 Barton Avenue, or come to talk about what we can do during the meal at 4pm in Monroe Park at the Corner of Main and Belvidere.

This court ruling and the situation in Florida is particularly important in a City like Richmond, where the park where we have been serving a meal for over 17 years is being threatened with a gentrification renovation plan and homelessness is constantly harassed and criminalized.  This could be us. So lets stand up now, with Florida to fight unjust, classist, and oppressive laws.

Anyone who wants to get involved can email and find out more information about helping with Richmond Food Not Bombs meals at

More information from Keith McHenry and Florida Groups:

Please participate in this important effort to defend our right to share food and information by reclaiming public space in Florida.

The Eleventh Circuit Federal Court of Appeal ruled against Food Not Bombs on April 12, 2011 claiming that the city of Orlando had the right to limit Food Not Bombs to the sharing of food with its literature to twice a year per park. Other cities in Florida are now passing laws limiting Food Not Bombs to twice a year as a result of the Orlando ruling.

Food Not Bombs volunteers from all over Florida are coming to Orlando to resist this unjust law.  A number of strategies are proposed in regards to opposition to the Orlando law. Some community groups are flooding City Hall with requests for permits while Food Not Bombs groups are defying the law and sharing food regardless of the Eleventh Circuit Federal Court of Appeals ruling since the Orlando case has such dire implications for Food Not Bombs groups all across the United States. Successful resistance in Orlando this May can have an impact across the state and the country.  Food Not Bombs groups from all across the world have announced solidarity actions this week!

Everyone is welcome to attend. Please let everyone know about this important event.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 – NONVIOLENCE WORKSHOP 6:00 PM Lake Eola Park Orlando, Florida – Based on the Nonviolence Trainings before Food Not Bombs actions in San Francisco this workshop will include role playing and discussion of tactics and strategies of nonviolent resistance to the disruption of the sharing of food.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Orlando Food Not Bombs City Hall Action – Risk arrest sharing vegan meals and literature under the banner Food Not Bombs at 400 South Orange Avenue and the corner of South Street in downtown Orlando, Florida (more…)