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The Wingnut Collective is serious about wanting to start a free medical clinic in Southern Barton Heights. We need a space in which to do this. We made an offer on a building that would have worked quite nicely, but unfortunately it looks like it might be sold to someone else. If anyone knows of a space in Southern Barton Heights we could purchase for a fairly cheap price please let us know.

The other things that could be really helpful to get this program off the ground would be- medical professionals in the area willing to help in some way, and donations of medical supplies.

If there are any doctors or nurses or EMTS etc. in the area who would be interested in helping us in some way  that would be awesome. Whether it be just sit down and talk with us about what things a medical clinic might need, to things we should be careful about etc. We could use advice on what sort of medical issues might be more common. We could also use medical professionals willing to teach us some basic medical practices that we can safely use to help our community. Some of us are trained EMTs and medics, but we would love to have some refreshers etc. (more…)

We’ve been thinking about maybe starting to have some open hours at the Wingnut where neighbors can come by to get some basic first aid/EMT level medical help.

We all know that healthcare is a huge problem, and that there are tons of folks who can not afford any level of medical care. And we think that instead of counting on the government we should take care of each other.

Mo is an EMT with a couple years experience.
Maybe also incorporating some folks with knowledge of herbs?
Anyone with any ideas, medical supplies, herbal supplies, etc. please let us know if you want to be involved.

This isn’t something that is going to happen right away, but if we start planning it might eventually happen.