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Join the Wingnut Anarchist Collective for a Holiday Hangout on December 24th.

We’re thinking family, friends, food, food, food, puzzles/games, music playin, chilling, food, possibly organized games or present exchanges, movies, sleepovers, hot chocolate, cozyness in general.

More details to come, and ideas welcome. But if you are looking for somewhere to go for the holiday let us know. Probably be a sort of collaboration where everyone brings food and fun to share!

Wingnut Family Holiday Hangout!!!! Dec. 24th the whole damn day (maybe the next day too)

Yesterday, after Food Not Bombs and after the May Day Meeting, the Wingnut had a meeting of their own.

Our friend Eric, back from travelling was looking for a place to stay in Richmond.

Here at the Wingnut we are not looking for roommates, we are looking for family. (more…)