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In an effort to help activists and anarchists in the Richmond area from having to rebuild the wheel, the Wingnut Anarchist Collective is posting this Press Contact list. Hopefully this list will be helpful whenever groups need to send out press releases or contact reporters when an event is occuring.

If you have additions to this list please send them to us at and we will gladly keep this list up to date as a resource for our community.

We have categorized these contacts by media type. We also recommend that people program in the phone numbers to their phones so that the media can be contacted quickly when unexpected events occur.

We will be adding the snail mail addresses for these contacts in the near future.


Channel 6 –  Call (804)254-3684 – 24 hours a day

Channel 8 –   (804) 330-8814

Channel 12 – (804) 345-1212


Richmond Magazine –

Chris Dovi –

The Richmond Defender – (804) 644-5834

Richmond Free Press –  (804) 644-0496 (more…)