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Luis Oyola will be hosting a slide show presentation at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective on Wednesday December 28th at 5:30pm  on certain highlights of the decolonization struggles in Puerto Rico, as well as expansions of repression in the island.

It will by no means be, or pretend to be, a full objective history of Puerto Rico. There are many interwoven struggles going on dealing with labor, housing, ecological destruction, gender violence, education, etc., and so it’s impossible to give each their deserved attention within an hour-long event. There is also plenty material coming from a purely factual stance elsewhere.

This story will start from the Real Cedula de Gracias in 1815, and will cover various struggles up until the adoption of the ELA constitution in 1952, through the history of the Macheteros, and a spotlight on three big events of the past decade: the fight against US Navy occupation of Vieques, the assassination of Filiberto Ojeda, and the 2010 UPR strike.

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective is located at 2005 Barton Avenue. The Wingnut hosts sober, all ages events.  You can get in touch by phone 804 303 5449, or email


Occupy Movements in multiple cities across the U.S.A. have passed statements in solidarity with Indigenous peoples. These statements open the dialogue of Occupy to issues of racism, race, colonization, decolonization, indigenous struggles and more. These statements also draw important connections between the current Occupy movements and the struggles of oppressed peoples that have been going on for long before Occupy came about. Drawing these connections helps to push the dialogue, be inclusive, and be open to learning from the experiences of others involved in fighting oppression. Virginia was one of the first geographical areas to be colonized by Europeans. Occupy Richmond and other Virginia Occupations should look into passing similar statements.

This is a map of the roughly pre-colonization territories of a variety of indigenous peoples in Virginia.

As an example, here is the statement from Occupy Boston:

The following resolution was passed by the Occupy Boston General Assembly on October 8th, 2011:

RESOLUTION:  Memorandum of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples

WHEREAS, those participating in “Occupy Boston” acknowledge that the United States of America is a colonial country, and that we are guests upon stolen indigenous land that has already been occupied for centuries, Boston being the ancestral land of the Massachusett people; and

WHEREAS, members of the First Nations have continued to resist the violent oppression and exploitation of the colonizers since they first arrived on this continent, and as a result have a great amount of experience that could strengthen this movement; and (more…)

This Fall, there will be a 3 part class on Colonization and Decolonization, meeting at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm.

Autumn is a season when there are many reminders of colonization and the history of oppression, racism, and genocide that Amerikkka was founded on. From Columbus Day to Thanksgiving there are plenty of celebrations of colonization. We are choosing to take time to learn more about the real history of colonization and indigenous peoples during this season. We welcome folks with an interest in learning more about these issues to participate in this 3 part class.

The meetings will be at 8:30 pm on Tuesday September 20th, Tuesday September 27th, and Tuesday October 4th.

Richmond does not have a full fledged Free School, although this is something that folks at the Wingnut and others have been talking about for a while. We found the manual “Colonization and Decolonization – A Manual for Indigenous Liberation in the 21st Century” by Zig-Zag aka Gord Hill (Author of 500 years of Indigenous Resistance), and decided that we would like to do a class with the text. The text is already divided into 3 sections making for 3 hour long sessions. (more…)