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Facebook EventFree Jermaine Doss

Monday, October 7th, at 1pm, at the Virginia Capitol (corner of Bank and 10th Street, South side of Capital Square), there will be a press conference asking Governor McDonnell to investigate the case of Jermaine Doss.

Doss was convicted of murder-for-hire in 2000. but had always maintained that he was set up by a crooked cop who threatened to pin him with a charge if he didn’t hand over money. The officer, Detective Glenn Ford, subsequently went to prison for running a similar extortion racket. What’s more, the key witness against Doss- the man who actually committed the murder and confessed- signed an affidavit saying that Doss had not been involved in any way. and that he had lied after a prosecutor told him he’d receive the death penalty if he did not.  

Jermaine Doss is clearly innocent, and his parents have been working tirelessly to get him out of prison since his conviction. They need support. 

RSVP through the title link, and remember to sign the petition (linked in the event) urging McDonnell to examine the case.