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*Cover and back cover of old Richmond Copwatch Zine – Note we do not have regular meetings any longer*

There has been a recent reinterest in Copwatch in Richmond, and to help anyone interested in copwatching or knowing their rights or keeping good security culture, especially given the recent organizing around the murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson, we are collecting as many links and zines and pamphlets on these topics so they can be shared far and wide and anyone can access them.  Richmond Copwatch was starting in the summer of 2010 by members at the time of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective. Over the years multiple Know Your Rights and similar workshops were facilitated. And while the structured organization and routine patrols have fallen by the wayside, copwatching has remained a decentralized important aspect of radical and anarchist movements in Richmond.

There has also been discussion of how Copwatching is an activity that white people can do as allies, and this aspect ought to be discussed further.  Pretty much every time there is a big movement with many new members, it is important to make sure some of the basic safety information gets made available to new activists. Sorry for not having thought of this before now regarding the Ferguson protests.

For Richmonders, you can tweet to @rvacopwatch on twitter, or find the facebook group RVA Copwatch here: to get connected to other copwatchers and to share videos and information you find or to promote events and workshops about copwatching and know your rights trainings.

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The Richmond Police have reportedly received the missing Police Department flash drive from a 3rd party (neither Mo Karnage of the Wingnut nor Nathan Cox of Copblock).  See link above for full news report.

The flash drive was reportedly found on the ground near a trashcan. The cop Martin Harrison who’s flash drive it was had testified in court that he never took the flash drive from police headquarters- yet said there were no reported intruders during the few days when the flash drive went missing. And yet the flash drive was found outside.

Thanks to Tom Roberts and Andrew Bodoh- the attorney’s representing in this case. to find out more about them and make a donation to their legal fund.

Here is a video of 2 cops serving an injunction at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective on Wednesday, Nov. 21st, 2012

<p><a href=”″>VID 20121121 142513</a> from <a href=””>WingnutAnarchistCollective</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Don’t forget- you have the right to film and record the police! Contact us if you or your organization would like to discuss how to do Copwatch!

From an anonymous contributor:

After searching through the entirety of the leaked documents using keywords I’m fairly satisfied that I’ve at least scanned through all of the material. A lot of the files turned out to be duplicates or older versions so there wasn’t actually all that much to go through. Most of the documents were pretty short and easy to digest, but I think we’ll still need help getting everything relevant out of the 110 page “Emergency Operations Plan” document which is marked in red as “Exempt from FOIA.” Many of these police general orders aren’t really news, and there is honestly a lot of fairly benign material in here. Though not particularly incriminating, the release of this information is still a victory for advocates of transparency and accountability in our public servants. Knowing their modus operandi and internal rules should help political activists and regular citizens alike deal with the police from a more knowledgeable and therefore empowered position. Despite the banality of the bulk of the leak, documents of likely interest have been set aside for your consideration to save you time if you don’t want to dig through a bunch of bureaucratic language to find them.
The quarterly reports and dispursement documents had a couple of interesting pieces of information in them. There is some less-refined employee input here (in contrast to the general orders) that is very telling. I took a couple of notes looking through these files and was particularly taken back by the nonchalant admission that police regularly interact with gangs supposedly in an attempt to win confidence, gain information, and build profiles on members. And by interact, I mean buy drugs and guns. Taxpayer money from the “Investigative Fund” requested by Captain Marty Harrison IV of the Special Investigations Division (SID) is admitted in correspondence to be intended for firearm and narcotics purchases from gangs, as well as for the paying-off of informants! These are not sting operations. Chief Norwood seems happy to grant the requests for $25,000 and $30,000. Is perpetuating a war on drugs worth this kind of routine expense?
Also noted here are quotes from police procedures for handling complaints from civilians regarding the conduct of officers. It might just be me, but the language seems to have an air of disdain for those making complaints and while I’m sure frivolous complaints are common I get the impression that fulfilling requests for complaint forms is generally discouraged. People in other areas surveying their local police department’s willingness to dispense a complaint form have been met with serious resistance. Perhaps a good test of of a department’s willingness to police itself is in its willingness to hand over a complaint form. It’s something worth trying (and recording)…
Finally, I found language about a database system called “CrimeNTel” and a methodology mentioned as “Problem-Oriented Policing” to be worth noting. Homeland Security apparently works with police to use this software to track criminal complaints and general information about suspects or those with histories. It’s noted that it’s unverifiable and inadmissible as evidence in court, but they’ll still use it to keep an eye on you.
For those attempting to make FOIA requests for information from the police, please see the file named “Public Information Requests” for detailed information about their policy for honoring them.
Please see the original documents uploaded here for context and more details. See something we missed? Email or and send us a tip.
Links good for 7 days
“…SID is requesting $30,000.00 of buy money from the Investigative Fund.  The buy money is utilized to further narcotics and gang investigations which impact violent and property crimes in the city.  The money pays for narcotics and gang investigations, to include the purchase of narcotics, payment of informants for investigative operations, court appearances, information pertinent to arrest and current investigations…”
I respectfully request that $30,000.00 from the SID buy fund account be disbursed to SID as soon as possible, that  our investigations may continue without interruption…”


Today Mo Karnage and Nathan Cox were served with injunctions from the Richmond Police Department. The injunction documents were very vague, and seemed to be about the files recently linked to by Mo and Nathan on 2 websites-  Copblock and Wingnut.

The defendents are listed as Moriah Kahn (they can’t spell), The Richmond Wingnut Collective, Nathan Cox,, and Does 1-10

Here is a video of Nathan being served today:

More information about his organization online at:

Important to note, is that typically injunctions are served by a process server. To have multiple cops hunting you down (they went to Nathan’s work, home, and mother’s home as well as Mo’s home, mother’s home, and friend’s home), some wearing tactical gear, is a pretty obvious intimidation tactic.

We are working on getting scans of the injunctions to post online for your viewing pleasure.

The City of Richmond Police Department is labeled as the plaintiff.

The injunction doesn’t say which files are the ones in question, just all of them. It appears that the police have now taken all the files down.

It looks like the RPD files that we linked to were taken offline at some point today. If they are online under a different link somewhere please let us know.

In the meantime, there are other RPD files that Richmond activists have acquired over the years. So you can check them out.

Learn the police’s rules in order to hold them accountable!

Our friends with the Mindful Liberation Project have collected some RPD documents, specifically about RPD policies for “Handling Mentally Ill Persons”. More about the info and Mindful Liberation here:

You can also always check out the files the Wingnut/Copwatch got in 2010 on our website under this link:

The February Copwatch meeting will be held on Tuesday the 28th at 7pm at the Wingnut, 2005 Barton Avenue.

We will be discussing goals, strategy, copwatch protocol, and organizational structure for a city-wide Copwatch network.

Other agenda items may include:

fundraising, First Friday Patrols, Shockoe Bottom Patrols, How to Copwatch a Protest trainings, How to Copwatch trainings, Know Your Rights trainings, etc.

Come find out how you can start a branch of copwatch in your own neighborhood!

…Anyone with an interest in monitoring the police and holding them accountable for their actions is welcome to come. Bring yourself, your friends, and lots of ideas!

Have you ever felt like your rights were violated by the police? Have you ever seen bad behavior from the police? Want to find ways to build stronger communities that are protected from the police? Check out Richmond Copwatch!

Richmond Copwatch is a non-hierarchical organization dedicated to ending police abuse. We believe that monitoring and recording police interactions with community members is a vital first step towards ensuring accountability and protecting ourselves and our communities. We are committed to anti-authoritarian principles and seek to transform the nature of the police and explore alternative methods of community conflict resolution.

Come out to a Richmond Copwatch Meeting, on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective, 2005 Barton Avenue.
Email or call 804 303 5449 for more info. Details about our workshops, patrols, and special events can be found online at

You can email the Southern Barton Heights branch of Richmond Copwatch at