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The Wingnut is a radical collective in Richmond, Virginia, in Southern Barton Heights. The Wingnut is a sober space, so please no drugs or alcohol or intoxication. The Wingnut is an All Ages space, so we try to keep events kid friendly.

All events at the Wingnut are free, but if you have some money to donate to the travelling bands or the Wingnut it is appreciated! Also, always feel free to bring snacks to share!

May 2nd- 12:30- Food Not Bombs
May 3rd- 8pm- Movie Screening: The Murder of Fred Hampton
May 6th- 7pm Show- Gutbucket Bellowers, Coaltown Noir and more (Bluegrass/folk)
May 9th- 12:30- Food Not Bombs
May 10th-8pm- Movie Screening: Up the Ridge
May 11th-7pm- Sobriety Discussion Group
May 12th-7pm- Craft Night- Make Signs for the Massey Coal Protest on May 18th
May 16th- 12:30 Food Not Bombs
May 16th- 7pm -Show Criminal Culture (FL)
May 17th- 8pm Movie Screening- What We Want, What We Need, Black Panthers
May 22nd-7pm Show- David Deese, Very Magic (PA)- pop punk
May 23rd- 12:30 Food Not Bombs
May 25th- 8pm Movie Screening: The Angola 3: Black Panthers
May 26th- 7pm- Craft Night
May 30th- 12:30 Food Not Bombs
May 31st-  12- Memorial Day Cookout and Music in memory of people killed by cops (bring food to grill or share and instruments to play)

2005 Barton Avenue Richmond, Virginia 23222

Contact the Wingnut at 804 303 5449 or

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