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Food Not Bombs is holding a community cookout at Monroe Park, as an alternative to traditional Independence Day celebrations. Today, we will celebrate the possibility of a world independent of war and militarism. You, and your organization, are invited! This will be an all-ages celebration, and as always, absolutely free.
Sunday June 30th starting at 2pm (gotta get those grills going) and definitely eating by 4p, packing up around 5 or maybe later.
At the corner of Main and Belvidere in Monroe Park
Facebook event here:

In addition to much of the usual meal materials, Food Not Bombs will be providing vegan items to grill, non-alcoholic beverages, water bowls for pups, and some games and activities for kids.

What you can bring:
– Yourself!
– Non-alcoholic beverages
– A cooler of treats to share
– Food to grill
– Your own grill
– Charcoal
– Lawn chairs
– A table with literature for your community or political organization
– Enthusiasm for learning more about local community and political organizations
– Banners
– Fun stuff, like sidewalk chalk, frisbees, hula hoops, face paint, or bean bag games.

Pets welcome! This is an all-ages, sober event. No fireworks will be set off; please don’t bring fireworks.