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If you need extra scrap produce to add to your compost pile.


or scrap veggies to feed to your chickens (trust us, they love em, and it will save you money on chicken feed)


please come by the Wingnut Anarchist Collective at 2005 Barton Avenue to get some!

We do Wingnut Food Not Bombs Produce Distribution every Wednesday and Friday morning, putting the food out by 8am. By the evening the food has been gone through, with the good stuff mostly taken.

If you want compost scrap or produce for chickens, it will be out front of the house, in cardboard boxes along the retaining wall. You will be getting free scrap to use in your gardening and chicken loving endeavors, and you will be helping us and our neighbors to get rid of the trash.

We don’t want to see all the compost and cardboard end up in the trash, but it is way beyond our capacity to re-use or re-cycle. So help yourself, and help a program that gets healthy food into a local food desert to low income and elderly folks.

The best times to come by would be Wednesday evenings, Thursdays all day, Friday evenings, and Saturdays all day. Please take as much as you can use, and help us keep the distribution area neat and clean!

Come to The WIngnut on Saturday March 20th at 6pm to meet with other people interested in doing some radical gardening. Lets figure out what we all can contribute to each other and how we want to go about it.
We know we are going to garden at the Wingnut- if you want to be a part of this then you can also be a part of the ‘fruits’ of this labor. We can all play in the dirt together and then share the food we grow!
We also sort of want some sort of a garden for Food Not Bombs. So if you have a yard or just some seeds or soil or whatever let us know.
Maybe bring a list of resources you can definitely donate- whether that be soil or fertilizer or seeds or tools or tillers or planters or labor etc.
We can figure out the best way for us all to grow our own food.
Maybe talk about workshops we could do. Maybe talk about making little planters with a few plants we can all share with our neighbors?