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Transportation being an obvious issue in our neighborhood, one of the major things aside from the bus system (see previous post) that the Wingnut Anarchist Collective wants to work on is BIKES!!!

A lot of people in our neighborhood depend on bikes for transportation to jobs, stores, school, etc. We really could benefit from a Bike Co-op. Our community would be a lot more autonomous if there was a bike space in our neighborhood that was volunteer run, and had open hours where folks could come in and have their bikes worked on, and more importantly, LEARN how to work on their own bikes.

Working towards the goal of a bike co-op is not something that the Wingnut has a lot of resources for at the moment, though we do see this as a pressing need in the community. Donations of bike parts, bike tools, bike stands, bike locks, etc. would all be appreciated. Anyone seriously interested in this project should please contact us.

Hopefully as a stop gap measure we will be working with one of Richmond’s bike gangs, the Saddle Sores, on having  a workshop day to help local kids fix up their bikes and get u-locks for them. Again, any contributions would be sincerely appreciated. Anyone in Southern Barton Heights with a space we could use for a bike co-op should SERIOUSLY let us know, cause that would be amazing.