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Wednesday June 19th from 5-6pm

Southwest corner of 17th (Oliver Hill Way) and East Broad streets, Richmond, Virginia.

The 40 people who attended the June 15 Community Meeting to oppose building a baseball stadium in historic Shockoe Bottom agreed to call for a Vigil to take place from 5-6 pm on Wednesday, June 19 – Juneteenth – at the southwest corner of 17th and East Broad streets in downtown Richmond. This is next to the Exxon gas station, which sits on the site of the 19th century “slave” jail owned by Silas Omohundro. If the developers and the mayor get their way, this site will be further buried under the stadium’s right field. This whole area once held the second-largest slave-trading market in all of North America. Why can’t it be developed as a living, outdoor museum, with walking paths, meditative parks, interactive exhibits, an information center, bookstore and more. Not desecrated by a ballpark that no one wants. Let’s tell Mayor Jones and members of Richmond City Council: Keep baseball on the Boulevard and develop Shockoe Bottom as a memorial to all those who suffered there. Don’t be part of the “Stadium that Racism Built!”

No Stadium In Shockoe Bottom! Defend Richmond’s African History
Hosted by Brandon Nastanski and Phil Wilayto

Monday at 12:00pm
Email, and City Council Chambers

This is a two part invite… First and foremost we need you to email and or call city council members to let them know that you don’t want a Baseball Stadium in Shockoe Bottom. Second, if you can please try and attend a special City Council Meeting being held this Monday from 12-4. Please see further details below including sample email and council members email addresses…

An Urgent Appeal from the African Ancestral Chamber,
Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality and other opponents
to putting a baseball stadium in Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom

It looks like Richmond’s business and political elite are about to launch their project to put a baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom, one of the most important historical sites for people of African descent in all of North America.

Please email Mayor Dwight Jones and members of the City Council and tell them we don’t want a stadium in Shockoe Bottom. Use this sample email or make up your own.

But please do this right away! City Council will be meeting in a special session Monday, May 6, from noon to 4 pm in the Council Chambers in Richmond City Hall. We think they will be voting on issuing bonds to pay for work in the Bottom to prepare for the stadium. These elected officials need to hear from us now!

[Sample email:]

Will Richmond’s legacy be the desecration of Shockoe Bottom?

I understand that Richmond City Council will be discussing capital funding at a special meeting from noon to 4 p.m. on Monday, May 6. You should know that there is strong community opposition to building a baseball stadium on the site of Richmond’s former slave-trading district.

No Baseball Stadium in Shockoe Bottom! Defend Richmond’s African History!

[Email addresses:]

“Mayor Dwight C. Jones”

1st District – “Jonathan Balilies”

2nd District – “Charles Samuels”

3rd District – “Chris Hilbert”

4th District –

5th District – “Parker Agelasto”

6th District – “Ellen Robertson”

7th District – “Cynthia Newbille”

8th District – “Reva Trammell”

9th District – “Michelle Mosby”

[Linked – just cut and paste this entire list into the “To” box in your email program.]

“Mayor Dwight C. Jones” , “Jonathan Balilies” , “Charles Samuels” , “Chris Hilbert” , , “Parker Agelasto” , “Ellen Robertson” , “Cynthia Newbille” , “Reva Trammell” , “Michelle Mosby”

What else can you do to help?

Forward this email to as many people as you can.
Come to the special Richmond City Council meeting on Monday, May 6, from noon to 4 pm. Come for as long as you can, but even a few minutes will help.
Read the Spring 2013 edition of The Virginia Defender newspaper to learn more about Shockoe Bottom’s important history. The newspaper will be uploaded this weekend to:
Reply to this email and tell us if you’d like to help in this important campaign to save Richmond’s African history.

Here is an update from Scott Burger and the Better Government Richmond organization. While us Wingnuts think a better government would be no government, we can definitely get behind this issue of the water utility rate in Richmond, as it directly effects low income folks, the elderly, and the environment.


We are running out of time. Richmond City Council appears to be using email discussions and phone calls to hash out most of the disputes over the budget amendments that will be considered at the noon meeting Monday, May 6, and approved after an essentially Potemkin-village public hearing at a special meeting set for 5 p.m. Wednesday May 15. (Council must approve its school budget by May 15 and has decided to do all of the budget papers at that meeting so nothing the public says will have any influence on the proceedings.) If you have not yet done so, now is the time to question City Council members about the water rate situation, especially the PILOT.

Also, look in the Richmond Free Press issue that comes out today. We are hoping for an article on the utility rate situation.

Also, as I have always said that the water rates campaign is also a campaign for open government and transparency, please check out Better Government’s new video:

Better Government Richmond Releases Water Utility Video


Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Contact: Rick Tatnall, (804) 325-3674,

Better Government Richmond, a citizen advocacy organization, is pleased to announce the release of a new video about the City of Richmond Water Utility Charges and Rates. Better Government members produced this video in order to inform the public about the Mayor’s proposed plan that is under review by City Council. Better Government mentioned a study of the water utility by paid consultants as one of its top issues in its first press release in February.

The 9-minute video includes information regarding the consultants’ study as well as an explanation of charges on a sample City of Richmond utility bill. It has been made available online at as well as on Better Government Richmond’s website and Facebook page. Supporters are asked to share with their neighbors and contacts.

The url is

See also:

Supporters of better government for the city are encouraged to visit the website and register on the “Join” page. Also “like” us on Facebook.

The next Better Government meeting is Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 1 PM and will be held in the café of the Library of Virginia, 800 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA. There will be a question and comment period open to the public.

Scott Burger

On Monday, May 13th, at 6pm, at City Hall (800 East Broad Street, Richmond VA), there will be a Richmond City Council meeting. The Save Our Schools Committee is encouraging attendance in order to demonstrate scrutiny of the Richmond Public Schools budget, which must be passed by the 15th of May.

There have been some discrepancies regarding the prospect of building a new elementary school, to replace 35 year old Overby-Shepherd Elementary, in the 6th district. By all reports yet disclosed, the school is in good condition, and is younger than many city schools. Unless extenuating circumstances exist, it is unlikely that now is the time to build a new school; last year, the Board was considering the closure of underattended elementary schools, in order to save money.

Citizen participation and involvement is important in any budgetary process, and especially in areas of direct communal impact.

The agenda for Monday’s City Council meeting (PDF) has a number of items of local interest – we pulled this from the website:

Ord. No. 2013-84 (Patron: Mr. Agelasto) – To amend and reordain ch. 102, art. VI, div. 1 of the City Code by adding therein new sections numbered 102-246—102-248, for the purposes of making it unlawful for any person to paa motorcycle in such a manner that such motorcycle is attached to a tree on City-owned property, making it unlawful to attach any moped to a tree, post, sign or other property on City-owned property and authorizing police officers to impound any such illegally parked motorcycle or illegally attached moped.
Ord. No. 2013-85 (Patron: Mr. Agelasto) – To repeal City Code §§ 102-461, 102-462, 102-463, 102-464, 102-465, 102-466, 102-467 and 102-468, concerning the registration and reporting of bicycles, for the purpose of removing registration requirements for bicycles and the authority to impound bicycles not properly registered.
Ord. No. 2013-88 (Patron: Mr. Agelasto) – To amend and reordain City Code § 102-439, concerning the impoundment of bicycles, for the purposes of removing references to the registration of bicycles and authorizing police officers to impound unclaimed bicycles, and to amend and reordain ch. 102, art. IX, div. 1 of the City Code by adding therein new sections numbered 102-441—102-442, for the purposes of making it unlawful for any person to attach a bicycle to a tree, post, sign or other property on City-owned property and authorizing police officers to impound any such illegally attached bicycles.
Res. No. 2013-R104 (Patron: Mr. Agelasto) – To encourage citizens of the City of Richmond to register their bicycles with the National Bike Registry and to request that the Chief Administrative Officer cause the Administration, as part of its bicycle initiatives, to encourage bicycle owners to register their bicycles with the National Bike Registry and provide the information necessary for bicycle owners to do so.
Parker Agelasto seems to be the man behind a lot of this and his email is:

So as far as we can tell, this 3rd section above which we bolded, means that the City/cops can enforce (or selectively enforce how they do) the rule about no parking/locking bikes on any City property, by impounding bikes which are on or locked to City signs/posts/trees/etc.

Even if this law refers only to bikes left for 72 hours, which it seems like it does not, 72 hours is WAY too short of a time period to wait. People might go out of town, get sick, etc. and leave a bike somewhere for a few days- people definitely leave cars parked on the street for this long or longer. Additionally, there is no way to standardize HOW the cops tell if a bike has been there for 72 hours- what about people who regularly leave a bike near their home or school or job? It might appear to someone that the bike has been left there simply because they lock up at the same spot on a daily or nightly basis.

How the hell can they pass a law about where you can’t park bikes or mopeds or motorcycles before the city has made any effort to create places where you can legally park/lock up bikes/mopeds/motorcycles?
Totally Bass Ackwards.
We need bike racks on every block – especially if you aren’t going to be able to park to signs or trees. Richmond wants to pretend like it a bike friendly city without actually doing the work necessary to be bike friendly. Friendly is bike racks,  friendly is educating drivers of cars about bikes, friendly is passing out bike lights, friendly is actually promoting bike culture, not punishing it.

Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk. Cars have plenty of options for parking, plenty of places to park etc. In fact parking signs are one of the only options for cyclists to lock their bikes to- bikes are an afterthought in City policy. Bikes should have options for parking/locking wherever the City provides it for cars.

Come on Richmond, do something right for once. You provide the bike racks first, and then see how people stop needing to lock to trees or signs.

Legislating behavior doesn’t work, and it especially doesn’t work if there aren’t viable alternative behavioral options. True Story.

If you are able to attend the City Council Meeting next Monday evening (April 22nd) at 6:00 pm at City Hall, please do to make sure this doesn’t pass. There is a public comment period at the beginning of the session.

If you think bikes locked on City signs/posts/trees/etc. are a nuisance, just wait til you see how much of a nuisance us cyclists can be if this law passes without a massive implementation of bike racks around the city first.

An important demonstration to be held at Richmond City Hall at 5:00 p.m on Monday Sept. 24th to protest the city of Richmond’s outrageous minimum water/sewer service charge of $49.40, which is the highest in the nation.

There is a facebook event at:

This is a real burden for every social security grandma and other low income residents to have to pay $592 annually just to be connected to the water supply.

The city utility raises over $30 million annually from this residential water/sewer service charge, and almost half of this, $12 million is, paid directly into the city’s general fund. This is the most regressive means possible to raise general funds for the city– putting an outrageous service charge on the most basic necessity — water. Furthermore, Richmond’s water rate does not promote conservation because the city utility gets more than half of its revenue from the minimum service charge instead of the volume charge.

The All the Saints Theater troop has committed to having music and puppets at this demonstration. At the event Sierra Club will present to City Council a petition with 1300 names protesting this regressive water/sewer service charge.

We would encourage you to make some posters with such slogans as: SERVICE CHARGE is TOO LARGE; ABATE THE RATE; LORDY $49.40 ; Drowning in Base Rate; Sewer rate STINKS. (I’m sure that you can come up with some better slogans!) Also please bring empty plastic gallon water jugs with $49.40 written on them to signify how much residents must pay for the first gallon of water — put a few pieces of gravel on the jug for a good sound effect.

This is not organized by the Wingnut, but is supported as a significant social justice issue affecting people in Richmond.

Here are 3 videos from the protest on 9/4/12 at the Richmond School Board meeting over the decision to re-open Norrell Elementary school in Barton Heights

This first is just a short clip of some of the protesters before the meetings.

<p><a href=”″>Norrell Elementary Protest 9/4/12</a> from <a href=””>WingnutAnarchistCollective</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

These next two are of the public comments period at the beginning of the meetings, when folks spoke out against Norrell – after the break: (more…)

These two videos were taken today by a member of the independent media.

Outfront of Richmond City Hall:

In front of the Richmond City Jail:

7 minutes of video of the Anti-Israel protest in front of the Richmond City Hall on June 1, 2010.

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective represented about 1/7 of all participants.

The Richmond Va. Protest Of the Israeli Attack Of Humaitrian Aid

Just put this into your browser:

Richmond protest called to condemn deadly military attack by Israeli forces on international humanitarian aid activists!

Local anti-war activists and members of Richmond’s Arab-American and Muslim communities will gather from 5-6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 1, outside Richmond City Hall to condemn yesterday morning’s murderous attack – in international waters – by Israeli military forces against unarmed humanitarian aid workers. The protest, a sidewalk vigil, is being called by the Arab American Association of Virginia and the Defenders for Freedom, Justice and Equality.

The protesters will demand the immediate release of the surviving aid workers, international condemnation of the Israeli government for this criminal act and the immediate lifting of the three-year Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

It has been reported that, early on the morning of May 31, 20 unarmed civilians, members of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, were killed and 50 more wounded in an illegal, barbarous and completely unprovoked attack that took place in the Mediterranean Sea some some 75 miles off the coast of the Palestinian Gaza Strip. (more…)