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Food Not Bombs serves on Sundays in Richmond. This month, one of the Sundays is December 25th, the Christian holiday Christmas.  Due to the possibility of many people being out of town or unavailable on that day, we want to organize ahead of time to make sure we can continue to serve our free vegetarian community meal at 4pm that Sunday.

There are some logistics we need to take care of to make sure we won’t have any problems with the usual Food Not Bombs business that Sunday.

One thing is confirm our 3 usual pickup people can collect the donations that Saturday and Sunday.
If any of them are not available- find alternative people to do the pickups.

Confirm our  pickups on Dec. 24 and Dec. 25- make sure we communicate to them that we WILL be showing up.

Try and get a head count for who will be able to help out on Dec. 25th with Food Not Bombs- for all sections: Meal Prep 1-4, In the Park 4-5, and most importantly Clean Up 5-6:30.

If anyone has special pickups or donations of food to help us prepare the meal on December 25th that could be super helpful!

If anyone has a vehicle and will be available to help transport food from 2005 Barton Avenue to Monroe Park, get in touch!

If you can help with any of these logistics please respond to

The Really Really Free Market for the month of December falls on December 25th, since that is the last Saturday of the month. At the November Really Really Free Market everyone talked it over and decided that yes, we would like to have the really really free market at the usual time, date, and place, despite it falling on a christian holiday.

In fact it seems like it could be a nice opportunity to being together folks who are not interested in celebrating Christmas, for whatever reasons- personal, political, religious, etc. We can do something fun and positive on that day, but something which clearly is not about celebrating Christmas.

Since many stores and restaurants will be closed because of the holiday, we are also encouraging people to treat this like a potluck- bring a dish to share if you can, preferabbly something labeled so folks with specific dietary needs or allergies can participate too! If you can’t come but want to contribute a dish please contact the Wingnut.

Please help make fliers, distribute handbills, and post online to advertise for the next Really Really Free Market!

Richmond Really Really Free Market Handbill

Richmond Really Really Free Market Flier

Saturday December 25th from 12noon til 3pm! Corner of Main and Laurel in Monroe Park.  Bring clothes, toys, games, books, etc. to share and give away, come get the same for absolutely free!

Unlike traditional Christmas, all the gifts at the Really Really Free Market are FREE and come with no strings attached and no expectations of reciprocity!

If you can’t make it you can bring your donations by the Wingnut at 2005 Barton Avenue and leave them on the front porch, or call ahead (804) 303 5449