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We just received word that the Richmond activist is doing ok, and just waiting while being detained by the police in Chapel Hill. She is waiting for printing and processing.

Apparently folks who were detained are all being charged with trespassing and breaking and entering which are misdemeanors.

More as we get it.

NC Piece Corps has a write up of what happened today, and plans for support of arrestees.

These are pictures from the raid today in Chapel Hill. The police, without warning, raided the occupied space, guns out and in the faces of the people present. No word yet on what charges are facing the folks loaded onto a city bus and taken off, but they were trespassing on private property, so that is likely to be one of the charges. We have not heard anything further about the Richmond activist detained by the police. We only know that she was one of the folks detained.

Breaking news- we just received word that the occupation of a building in Chapel Hill during the Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair was raided by cops with guns drawn, and a Richmond anarchist/activist and resident of the Flying Brick Library is currently detained. That is all we know at this time, more as we get it.

Now, more than ever, Richmond Anarchists and activists could use your support and love. Send love, help out, fundraise for legal funds, anything that helps!

Solidarity with Chapel Hill/Carrboro!!!