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Canadians at the Wingnut again! How does this keep happening? We welcome back Cud Eastbound, and 3 other performers to the Wingnut on Friday January 25th at 7pm

Sober, all ages show

Local bands TBA, please get in touch if you would like to play. wingnut_collective (at)

2005 Barton Avenue – please check out our accessiblity and consent policies on our website.

This tour will be swinging back through Richmond on February 21st, please let us know if your space would like to host a show, or else, we hope to see you at the Wingnut again for an encore performance!


We recently got back from a Cross Canada tour to share Cud’s new album Furcula “Little Fork” and we are getting ready to hit the road again! This time down the east coast of the USA!

Poster Full Res.
Cud Eastbound –
Beyon/Forest Fire –
BitterFucked –
Rodeo –

Video from the Canadian tour

Thank you all so much for the continued support! ♥