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Come to the Wingnut during Open Hours from 4-9 on Wednesday, February 2nd to make awesome valentines to send to the people and organizations you love! Spread the radical love, and make your valentines in plenty of time to mail them out!

We will have stickers, fancy paper, doilies, magazines, scissors, glue, tape, the slingshot radical contact list and more to help everyone get creative.

This is a queer friendly, polyamorous friendly, sex positive and body positive event! Valentine’s Day may be a Hallmark Holiday, but any time is a good time to remind our friends, allies, partners, families, and lovers how awesome we think they are and how much we appreciate them.

As always, this event is all ages and drug and alcohol free. Bring snacks to share if you want to- we will have plenty of tea to go around!  Feel free to call ahead if you have any questions (804) 303 5449