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Come to the Wingnut to celebrate birthdays, share vegan food, and hear Home Body, from Massachusetts perform!
Also performing are 3 bands from Florida- Jacob Goddamnit post-metal noise, SLUGWYRM: “corrupted tradition/flatpicking”. and Arts and Sciences: Haunting loops within structured note play

This is a Richmond Eats Richmond Potluck too!!

This is a sober event! Bring rootbeer or other delicious non-alcoholic beverages!!

Sept. 18th is Mo Karnage’s birthday, Deejay Anspach’s Birthday, and Haley from Home Body’s birthday is 2 days before.

Mo will bake cake, vegan carrot cake, but you should bring a vegan party dish to share!

In honor of Deejay there will be a vegan chocolate icecream cake!!


Home Body is Eric and Haley, who are two of Mo’s friends from college. They happened to want a show in Richmond on September 18th, and so ta daa! Fun times.

We will pass a hat for the touring bands, so bring a few bucks if you can spare them! or for more about HOME BODY!