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Tonight only:
Brando Chemtrails with kickass political slam poetry
Pale Robin – other project by members of:
Blackbird Rum – anarchopunk from the west coast

5 dollar suggested donation
Bring money for merch
2005 Barton Avenue
Rain or shine
Sober show
All Ages
Be respectful
Bring your friends

Come on out and see Woodspider at 7pm on June 9th!

Come out to the Wingnut for a night of fun music. All ages, and sober. No door fee but please bring money for the travelling bands and to buy their cds!!

Wood Spider is a band from CT that plays music inspired by gypsy and vaudeville music, with the fervor and energy of a punk group. In this incarnation, Wood Spider is playing as a four-piece, and make noise with an acoustic guitar, banjolele, cello, accordion, glockenspiel, jaw harp, and junk percussion.  They can play totally acoustic if necessary.
They’re on tour with Stefan Fink, a solo acoustic act who plays indie-folk with punk and rock influence on guitar and ukulele.

Along with musical performances, our tour will also be a traveling DIY guerrilla art gallery/zine distro. The gallery will be displaying the original artwork in the zines affiliated with The Circuit. The Circuit is a collective of individuals who’ve produced zines covering a wide variety of topics with the intention of uniting and connecting with other like-minded radical folk. All we would need to accommodate this is a little bit of room and a portion of wall space to set up both our gallery and distro/merch table.

Wood Spider is a musical collaboration between the minds of Michael Ditrio and Alexander Krokus. With the occasional help of our friends, we hit trash, yell ’til we can’t yell no more and stomp a hearty stomp, all the while trying to pass it off as music.

We started having shows in January, right about the same time Richmond Food Not Bombs started being cooked at the Wingnut. So far I think we have had about 4 or 5.

This past Saturday we were supposed to have a show, but the band didn’t show up, and we still haven’t heard from them. Luckily we are resourceful people and still had a successful evening by switching the plans and having a bonfire and cooking veggie dogs and listening to our friend Aeon Yahweh play acoustic guitar around the fire.

But this whole event made me realize I want to be more clear with bands about what we need you to know about shows at the Wingnut, and what we expect from you. So here is information that anyone who wants to have  a show at the Wingnut really should read: