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Yesterday, August 2, 2010, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli passed a legal opinion saying that police in Virginia should check the immigration status of people they detain or stop. This law does not require police to ask about immigration status, but it does give them approval to go ahead and do so. This is clearly another step in the process of increasing racism, xenophobia, and classism in Virginia.

Apparently Prince William County is the county that is the most anti-immigrant and avid about searching out ‘illegal’ immigrants. Hopefully other areas will not be choosing to enforce this new approval. However, it might be a good time to remind your local politicians that you are against this change in policy. Many jurisdictions have said that the drain on resources and time required to check immigration status would be too much, and so they probably will not enforce this policy.

As anarchists we are avidly against this increase of anti-immigrant sentiment in Virginia and nation wide. We are against nations,  borders, militarization of borders, and criminalization of free movement. We support the free movement of all people. We are against racial profiling and any increase in the role or power given to the police. We are for dignity and autonomy for all people.  We do not believe that people can be ‘illegal’.

We believe that in this time of increased racism and hostility towards immigrants and people perceived as immigrants it is important for anarchists and others to make their stances clear and find ways to be allies in this struggle. These are incremental changes in policy which add up to huge changes in peoples’ lives. We need to stop this before it is too late, before it gets worse.

For more information on the background of this situation in Arizona and Virginia- and the connections between the two- please check out our friend Kontra’s blog!

We will be doing our best to stay on top of this and related issues. Any news of other information or developments would be appreciated. You can contact us at

Transportation being an obvious issue in our neighborhood, one of the major things aside from the bus system (see previous post) that the Wingnut Anarchist Collective wants to work on is BIKES!!!

A lot of people in our neighborhood depend on bikes for transportation to jobs, stores, school, etc. We really could benefit from a Bike Co-op. Our community would be a lot more autonomous if there was a bike space in our neighborhood that was volunteer run, and had open hours where folks could come in and have their bikes worked on, and more importantly, LEARN how to work on their own bikes.

Working towards the goal of a bike co-op is not something that the Wingnut has a lot of resources for at the moment, though we do see this as a pressing need in the community. Donations of bike parts, bike tools, bike stands, bike locks, etc. would all be appreciated. Anyone seriously interested in this project should please contact us.

Hopefully as a stop gap measure we will be working with one of Richmond’s bike gangs, the Saddle Sores, on having  a workshop day to help local kids fix up their bikes and get u-locks for them. Again, any contributions would be sincerely appreciated. Anyone in Southern Barton Heights with a space we could use for a bike co-op should SERIOUSLY let us know, cause that would be amazing.

This Spring we will be gardening the front yard at The Wingnut. Both as a move towards self sufficiency and as a promotion of Food Not Lawns and DIY culture.

We also want to possibly do some gardening workshops for free in our neighborhood. Anyone with gardening skills they would like to share should contact us.

If anyone has Sunflower seeds- those are really good for lead remediation and for making our neighborhoods look nice. While we are huge fans of edible plants, any flowers/ferns/cacti/etc. will still be put to good use.

We are not expert gardeners by any means. Any help with planning the garden, or donations of seeds and plants will be received with open arms.
Things we wan to grow:
Lavender (more…)